An exclusive educational opportunity for Verb members.

Verb and University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy are partnering to provide members access to the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy.

The Executive Program is a hands-on, project-based program that provides students with the tools to start or improve impact within their organizations. Students are encouraged to apply what they learn in real time to their work—and to share their findings with classmates from around the world.

The hybrid curriculum combines online and in-person learning experiences for a dynamic educational suite. Participants access video lectures, receive curated readings, and learn from case studies at their own pace—all while connecting with global leaders through online discussions conducted out of the comfort of their own homes. In-person trainings on Penn’s campus provide students with the opportunity to meet one another and work collaboratively. In eight months, students earn a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania — all at an affordable cost. 

Verb members who apply and are admitted will be receive a $500 tuition discount. Applications are due December 28, 2015.

Hybrid Learning

Learn online on your own time and in-person at the University of Pennsylvania.

Specialized Knowledge

Gain concrete tools in social impact strategy, business models, and effectiveness -- all directly applicable to your work.

Applied Assignments

Apply weekly assignments to your organization / venture or actual case-studies, so that you learn in context.

Office Hours

Connect with Penn faculty and experienced practitioners who can share their expertise and provide mentorship.


Earn a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania signifying your training in Social Impact Strategy.

Power Network

Connect and work with like-minded peers and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Designed for You.

This program is designed to develop and empower social entrepreneurs, business / non-profit leaders, and emerging professionals who want to drive social change in their organizations and communities effectively.  The program’s unique hybrid learning model integrates into students’ busy lives.

Successful applicants will be demonstrably committed to improving the social impact of their work, regardless of whether that work is for a traditional for-profit or non-profit organization, paid or volunteer, full- or part-time.  As the curriculum is heavily applied, we find that students who get the most out of the program are already personally familiar with at least one venture that is achieving or could achieve some social impact, regardless of your role in that venture, such as employee, board member, investor, donor, CEO, consultant, or volunteer. 

Students come to the program wanting to:

  • Create greater social impact — whether in their current organizations, a new career path, or with their own venture
  • Take the next leap forward to build a career focused on social impact
  • Get support and feedback to scale a new or existing social venture
  • Connect with other passionate, like-minded leaders who have a track record of excellence in their professional work
  • Gain quality training in social impact strategy without having to leave their current jobs
  • Build bridges, foster mutual understandings, and facilitate unusual partnerships for social impact.

The Gameplan.

+ Online Meet & Greet
+ Online Six-Week Strategy Course
+ In-Person Convening
+ Two Online Short Courses
+ Online Six-Week Business Models Course
+ Two Online Short Courses
+ Commencement Ceremony & Alumni Summit

What Our Students Say.


I took the final project to my CEO and talked to him about how we can change our for-profit and move it more towards a for-profit with social impact. Having that language to be able to present that to him was empowering.

Beth, Executive Program Alumna, USA

The true value of this course is the ability for us all, from all over the world, to bring our experiences together and assist each other with improving our own situations.

Trevor, Executive Program Student, USA

The problems that we are trying to solve in our countries, at some level, is similar. There are cross-country collaboration opportunity, cross-country applications. The network is going to be very important.

Rishabh, Executive Program Student, India



Hear a student’s perspective:

Download a Program Brochure.

Download a detailed program book, complete with faculty bios and course descriptions. 

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Important Dates.

The Admissions Committee gives every application the fullest possible review and will notify applicants of their decision on or before the deadlines listed below. We encourage interested applicants to apply as early as possible, as we admit on a rolling basis and space is limited.

Applications due 11:59pm ET Dec. 28, 2015
Decision Emailed Jan. 2, 2016
Deposit Due Jan. 15, 2016
Tuition Due Mar. 15, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should apply for this program?

Anyone who is serious about making a greater social impact in their work should apply. We are looking for social entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders, and emerging professionals who want the skills and training to do their work more effectively.

Q: When should I apply?

Complete your applications as soon as possible. The extended deadline for Verb members is December 28, 2015.

Q: How much does the program cost?

The program costs $4,950. Verb members receive an exclusive $500 discount, bringing the total cost to $4,450. The registration fee of $950 is due by January 15, 2016 secure your spot and receive access to the online platform. The full tuition is due by March 15, 2016. Travel and lodging costs for in-person convenings are not included. 

Q: Do you offer financial aid?

Our priority is to offer a quality program at the lowest price possible. Therefore, we do not offer financial aid. View here for a document outlining information about the tuition and payment plan.

Q: What are the the important dates in 2016 I need to be aware about?

January 25 – 29th, 2016: Kickstart the program with orientation webinars throughout the week

February 1, 2016: Dive into the first core course on Social Impact Strategy

March 13-16, 2016 or March 23-26th (Pick either weekend): Attend the in-person convening at the University of Pennsylvania

August 19-20, 2016: (Optional) Commencement and Alumni Gathering at the University of Pennsylvania

Q: Do I need work experience to get accepted?

Finalists are selected based on their relevant work experience, commitment to social impact and a serious desire to learn with a community of action-oriented leaders. We are looking for leaders working in non-profits of all sizes, business, grassroots organizations, social enterprises, and public service.

Q: What educational background do I need to get accepted?

There are no educational prerequisites to apply for this program. See above for relevant experiential and attitudinal qualifications.

Q: How does this program differ from other Social Impact training programs?

We provide a mix of online courses and in-person engagements to maximize learning and networking. You’ll receive six online courses and two in-person convenings at the University of Pennsylvania at an affordable price in an accessible way.

Q: What are the course materials and who teaches the classes?

Courses are delivered by faculty members of Penn’s School of Social and Policy and Practice as well as expert practioners who provide cutting-edge and relevant content. Courses include: Social Impact Strategy, Business Models for Social Enterprise, Community and Collaboration, Marketing for Social Impact, Nonprofit Governance,  Nonprofit Fundraising, Impact Management and Introduction to Social Media Strategies

Q: I missed the webinar. Do you have a video link?

Take a look at this video link from our last webinar session.