Establish intention.

We show up for ourselves and our communities. We persevere when things don’t work out the first time and keep learning. We take time to reflect and get feedback on what we can do better.

Build community.

Every person who is a part of the Center is a teacher and a student. Infinitely inquisitive and curious, we come together with a thirst to learn from one another, support one another, genuinely connect with others for the collective good.

Lead with empathy.

We embrace our failures and mistakes as learning opportunities. While we may not see it right away when clouded by assumptions or fears, we pause to listen and learn from our experiences as teachers.

Create every day.

We see the value of creativity and ideation as a constant process in the way we learn, build and grow. We care more about what we learn by doing, not whether it was “right” or “wrong.”

Be Different.

Wild ideas, crazy ideas, “that will never work” ideas are welcomed and encouraged. When we get stuck, we flip our thinking.

People matter.

We live in an inter-connected world, under one common humanity. Our community of innovators, changemakers, creatives, designers, professors, researchers and makers are united with a genuine curiousity for the world.

Make it happen.

We take concrete actions to make things happen. We want to make this world a better place. And we’re making it happen in smart, collaborative, everyday ways that move us closer to our goals as effectively as possible.

Believe in a better world.

We celebrate. We dance. We laugh. We play. We’re in this line of work because we love humanity and our planet. We also strive to live and work as hard as we can to build a better world that works for everyone. 

Listen in.

As we live in an increasingly noisy world, it’s more important than ever to listen in and oblige to your mind and body’s needs.