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This exercise is designed to help people learn more about their best-self, so that they will be able to leverage their strengths and make positive contributions within and beyond their career. This has proven to be a powerful tool for helping people know how to best use their strengths constructively.


In order to complete this exercise, Fellows must solicit feedback from several people who know them. This should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. We are requesting that you provide three stories of when this person was at their very best in your eyes. This will require you to think about your interactions with them and to identify those times when they added value and made important contributions. In writing, please be sure to provide examples so they can understand the situation, behaviors and characteristics you are describing. You may provide examples from work or non-work related incidents. Please note that your feedback will only be read by the Fellow and not by us. Please be as candid, personal, and honest as you can; this is not a letter of recommendation nor is it an official document.

On behalf of our Fellows, we thank you for taking the time to fill this out and providing them with this gift of reflecting their best selves back to them.

Please fill out this form by July 27, 2016.