Understand your risks and how to manage them

What is this?

Used by social impact leaders to identify gaps in their ideas and refine their models, a risk assessment helps you to know what you’re up against, and ensure that you are proceeding in an informed manner with greater preparedness and confidence. Remember, the greatest risks will always be the things that you don’t know!

Who should be involved?

Start with those who would work with you directly on this the initiative or organization. You may also benefit from involving other internal or external stakeholders such as board members, advisors, or members of the community.

How long does this take?

25 minutes

Want more tools?

Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy

Our Executive Program is an 8-month hybrid online and in-person certification program that helps leaders create and sustain a greater impact in their work. Whether it’s developing an idea, or working within an existing company, the Executive Program helps you innovate, build, and scale.

Master Class

Join a free online Master Class on our Alliance Mapping tool, which will help you identify powerful allies who can support you to take your venture or program to the next level.