Our fellows' work is making meaningful impact. Their stories cross continents, cultures, and industries through socially-driven solutions.

The Image of Change: Babita Patel

A humanitarian photographer and former commercial art director, Babita founded KIOO Project as a series of photography workshops. KIOO distributes cameras, gives young students basic lessons, and encourages them to take pictures of themselves and their neighborhoods.

Making it Manageable: Megan Rosenbach

Megan Rosenbach has never been one to back down from a challenge—especially when she’s in the middle of it. Learn more about Megan’s journey with Bicycle Coalition.

Using Old Skills in New Ways: Andreas Ufer

Andreas Ufer is making an impact in Brazil—by helping others make an impact. Learn more about the work Andreas is doing through his organization Sense Lab.

Partnering For a Better World: Anthony Hehir and Yannick Foing

Anthony Hehir and Yannick Foing are working together to improve access to nutrition supplements around the world. Learn about the power of public-private partnerships to make a difference.

Access and Ending the Cycle of Poverty: Shadrack Frimpong

Shadrack Frimpong grew up in Tarkwa Breman, in Western Ghana. After seeing the debilitating affects of limited access to essentials like health care and education, Shadrack decided it was time to make changes.

Hitting Refresh in Mid-Career: Dr. Jenni Dawson

Dr. Jenni Dawson is the founder and CEO of an international trauma relief organization called TraumAid. Last year, the minutiae of organization administration became too overwhelming and Jenni left TraumAid. Now she is an alum of the Executive Program, re-invigorated and re-instated as the organization’s CEO.