Meet the Students!

Adam Newman

Rio de Jainero, Brazil

Adam is a global entrepreneur, community leader, and avid backpacker with dynamic international experience in hospitality and tourism. He graduated in 2011 from Arizona State University with a degree in International Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Through his experiences living and studying in Argentina, Peru and Mexico and leadership experience as two-term president of the AEPi fraternity at ASU, he chose to focus on developing high impact social businesses in Latin America that provide entrepreneurial opportunities to developing economies and communities. Over the course of the last three years, Adam has called Rio de Janeiro home, where he co-founded what’s now ranked the 11th best bed & breakfast, the Rio Palazzo. Through his business initiatives, experiences volunteering in favelas and participation in events throughout the Carioca entrepreneurial community, Adam has developed a deep passion and love for Rio. Presently by way of Favela Experience, Adam is working to weave these diverse interests, experiences, and skills together at the intersection of immersive learning and creative community building into a platform for collaboration and progression in Rio’s favelas.


Alexandra Bushman 

New York City, NY, United States

Alex currently works at The Posse Foundation, an education nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity in Higher  Education by partnering with top universities and colleges to give scholarships to young leaders from diverse backgrounds. Before Posse, Alex got her Masters in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to that, she received her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University where she majored in Psychology and played on the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team. Alex was born and raised in New York City but is an avid traveler. She is excited to meet her 2018 CSIS classmates and join a cohort of intelligent, compassionate peers!


Alia Poonawala

Geneva, Switzerland

Alia Poonawala is of mixed Swiss and Indian origin and joined the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in 2013 as part of the Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition team, bringing more than 10 years of experience in increasingly responsible roles in marketing, global brand management, advertising development and sales both at Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble. At P&G, Alia was most recently Market Development Manager for North and West African expansion models. She also designed and implemented social marketing campaigns in Water and Sanitation while working for PSI in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. During her academic career, Alia received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Psychology from Princeton University, USA and earned a Marketing and Communications degree from ESCP-EAP, France. At GAIN, Alia now leads the fundraising, design and supports the implementation of infant and young child health promotion campaigns, innovative delivery models and women empowerment projects across multiple countries, with a special focus on South East Asian geographies.


Alyssa Newlon

Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Alyssa is the Co-founder of the Girl Icons which works to Inspire, Nurture, and Amplify the Voices of adolescent girls in India. She is also the Founder of the Stigma Collective and has worked in the development sector for over 5 years towards creating more equal and stigma-free spaces internationally.



Ambika Jugran

Mumbai, India

Ambika has been working in a capacity building role and is responsible for planning and execution of Dasra’s leadership programs. Her role entails engaging with organizations to build their capacity, assisting them to facilitate partnerships and measuring the impact of these programs. Prior to moving to the development sector, Ambika worked in business analytics & research for over 5 years. She successfully delivered various investment research projects at Genpact and Copal Amba (A Moody’s Analytics Company). Apart from work, she has a keen interest in theater, is a trained classical dancer and an avid reader.


Amy Rowland

Rivas, Nicaragua

Amy graduated in 2008 with Finance and Law degrees from Bond University, Australia. She started her working life as a banking and finance lawyer in Tokyo, Japan, and later Sydney, Australia. In 2012, Amy took a break from her corporate career to run away with the circus, do more yoga, and interview people worldwide who loved their jobs. She performed acrobatic adagio in Australia, circus schooled in China, street performed in Serbia, traveled with clowns in Mexico and practiced plenty of yoga along the way. Amy stopped at a remote hotel on the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast, Magnific Rock, and was overwhelmed by its seeming potential. With the intention of helping out for a few months, Amy spent 5 years transforming the business into a thriving enterprise, created within and serving the local community. Amy’s focus is now shifting towards her latest enterprise, CircAsana, a circus, yoga retreats business and community circus program. She is deeply inspired by CircAsana’s impact locally and intends to develop it as a social enterprise internationally.


Ana Paula Molina 

Mexico City, Mexico

Ana is a passionate, young lady from Mexico. She is specifically interested in making others fall in love with making an impact so that we build a world in which everyone fits.




Ananth Iyer

Mumbai, India

MBA in International Business from NMIMS Mumbai, with over 7 years of experience in Financial Analysis and Advisory, primarily at Fortune 200 companies. My skill sets include Financial analysis, Project Management, Management Consulting, Shared Services Advisory and Setup.



Angelica Ramos Barrera 

Lima, Peru

Angelica Ramos has studies in business, sustainability and design of social programs. She considers that companies should have a transversal approach of sustainability and involve of their stakeholders in the operation of their businesses to achieve the triple bottom: environmental, social and economic. For her, businesses that have this focus will achieve positive impacts on society and will be sustainable over time. She is interested in learning and knowing more about social ventures because these will be the businesses that the world needs to live in harmony.
Currently, Technical Adviser of the Finance Mechanisms for Low-Carbon Development (FinanCC-Peru) within the framework of the Climate Finance Readiness Programme implemented by the German Development Cooperation -GIZ.


Angelina Dreem 

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Angelina Dreem (b.1985) is the founder and Executive Director of POWRPLNT, a digital art collaboratory opened in 2014. She has a personal passion for creating space that facilitates access for underrepresented populations to make their dreams a reality. She studies plants and wants to create ecosystems that marry the organic with art and technology. She lives and works in New York City, where she produces electronic music and paints



Anna Malone 

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Anna Malone is the Founder of A Welcome Wonder, a creative collective that is setting out to redesign global responsibility. A native of Virginia, Anna currently resides in Guatemala. Here she is leading an initiative to create jobs through the collection, weaving, and transformation of plastic into items for everyday use. Anna has a heart for adventure and has also called Germany, Thailand and Cambodia home. Anna has worked in education, fine dining, and finance. She earned her Bachelors in Economics from Clemson University. Anna is interested in driving collaboration to promote a circular economy, while reducing waste and shining a new light on traditional crafts.


Anne Maria Makhulo 

Nairobi, Kenya

Anne Maria is passionate about African development and improving livelihoods and strongly believes that the key to unlocking impact is through effective leadership development. Her aspiration is to have a substantive seat at the table at which Africa’s development decisions are made and fund flows determined. To fulfill this aspiration, Anne Maria has held a number of roles within the broader development industry through which she is working with private sector, government and donor agencies to drive development on the continent. Since May 2016 Anne Maria has been working with AGRA, a nonprofit whose vision is to create Agriculture Transformation across Africa, and is currently is the Head of Strategy and Analytics. Prior to joining AGRA, Anne Maria worked with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, a mission-driven management consulting firm, to provide strategy advisory to various organizations in the development industry to address their pressing strategic and organizational needs. Anne is committed to developing her own personal leadership ability through her work and personal pursuits and is an active to local university students.


Anne O’Shea 

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Anne is a facilitative leader and thoughtful strategist. Her cross-sector experience in public libraries, museums, government, and student advocacy has provided her with a broad perspective on non-profit leadership. Anne is passionate about inclusive and impactful services, and is looking forward to exploring strategies to foster innovation and strategic thinking, and identifying new ways to measure and communicate impact. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Anne is the Manager of Programming and Learning at Vancouver Public Library, where she leads a team responsible for adult community learning. They plan and deliver digital literacy instruction, run an innovative public technology lab and host public events related to storytelling and community dialogue. Anne holds a diploma in Women’s Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in English and History and a Master of Library and Information Studies.


Anu Sachdev

New Delhi, India

Anu Sachdev is the co-founder and director of The Change Designers. She is a practitioner of narrative based social change strategies specializing in transmedia campaigns, entertainment-education, and complexity science approaches. Anu brings international experience and passion in design, production, implementation and extensive monitoring & evaluation for storytelling campaigns. While mainstreaming, Anu tactfully personalizes social narratives for audiences. She has produced more than 15 interventions around the globe that have moved people to action.



Anubha Sharma 

Meerut, India

Anubha Sharma is currently working as a Thematic Anchor for Capacity Building with Kudumbashree – National Resource Organization under National Rural Livelihoods Mission of India. She supports Micro Enterprise Consultant Project and Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Program to stimulate local economic development in the most backward parts of the country by promoting alternative livelihood generation activities. As a professional working in the sector for economic empowerment of marginalized communities, she is passionate to find innovative solutions to bridge the gap between the physical targets and the social impact of these community based projects. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of Delhi and a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is an avid dancer and likes to sketch in her free time.


Anya Victoria Delgado 

Mexico City, Mexico

Anya Victoria Delgado is a feminist human rights defender born in Mexico City. She holds a Law degree from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico, and an LL.M. degree from the University of Notre Dame in the United States. She has worked for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), in Mexico City. Currently, she is the Research and Development Coordinator for the Women’s Human Rights Education Institute (WHRI), which aims to cultivate transformative, feminist leadership in the area of women’s human rights.


Asiya Javed

Ashburn, VA, United States

Asiya is a passionate and rising social entrepreneur who is working with underprivileged single and widowed women in Pakistan to create beautiful handmade fusion items. Percentage of the profits will be dedicated to empowering women and girls through education. She wants to see a world where women and girls rely on themselves and not a man to fulfill their needs. After quitting her corporate job last year, Asiya spent some time in rural Nepal working at a school and an orphanage. She saw poverty first hand and realized her true passion was to empower women and children through education. She was no longer motivated by monetary gains or a 401k. Asiya recently completed the Starting Bloc fellowship. She also runs a social awareness project and nonprofit called Change Makers of Pakistan, that interviews and creates videos about social change makers in Pakistan. In addition, CMP provides resources to underprivileged girls in Pakistan and is working on building a resource center in a rural area. She is excited to meet and hear about everyone’s passions!


Aviatar Inbar 

Thornhill, ON, Canada

For the past 14 years up until the summer of 2017, Avi had been developing a career in the security industry. Over the last few years, an inner persistent urge developed within him to pursue a more meaningful path for his career. So Avi left the security world, and started looking for a path that will fulfill his passion, and would allow him to help and build a better world for his kids to grow up in. Avi has always been a curious individual who appreciates any opportunity to acquire new knowledge. He is
thrilled for the opportunity to learn from the instructors and peers at the CSIS. Avi is married and has 2 kids, which are the reasons behind his new adventure.



Barbara Wettstein

Douala, Cameroon

Barbara is a Swiss and Argentinian national and holds a Master of Arts in Political Science. She has over 10 years’ experience in public affairs, media relations and social media in Europe and Africa. Currently working as Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager for Nestlé Central Africa, based in Cameroon, Barbara is responsible for developing the ‘Creating Shared Value’ strategy for the sub-region, helping to define how the company can help address the most pressing societal challenges, in particular in the field of nutrition. She believes that the private sector can, and must, be part of the solution to social and environmental issues and that multi-stakeholder partnerships and key to achieving the
Sustainable Development Goals. Barbara is passionate about connecting people and building coalitions to support social improvements in a sustainable way.


Beatrice Scarioni

Lausanne, Switzerland

Beatrice is leading EPFL’s newly launched Social Impact Initiative at the Vice-Presidency for Innovation (VPI), EPFL where she is bridging the gap between technology, innovation and social impact. Previously she worked at the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, the United Nations, the International Federation of the Red Cross, as well as the House of Commons, UK Parliament. A London School of Economics Alumni, she is a Mentor for the IMPACT Accelerator, nominated as one of the 10 best accelerators worldwide where she is advising a start-up in Tanzania that provides low-cost weather stations to African farmers. Beatrice is a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum and is a co-founder of Powering Education, a non-profit organization that leverages data and analytics to quantify the impacts of clean energy on rural and off-grid communities in Eastern Africa.


Bola Lawal

Houston, TX, United States

Bola is a Social Entrepreneur who Co-founded, an Education Finance startup that developed a mobile and web platform that helps the bottom of the pyramid African youths access equitable education through scholarships, tuition crowdfunding, and intervention loans. The ScholarX app was recently nominated by Apps Africa as Best App in West Africa. Bola is very passionate about human capital development in Africa through education.



Brenda Liz Munoz

Duluth, GA, United States

Brenda Liz (Bren) is a Governor Appointed and Executive Official with the Georgia Council on
Developmental Disabilities (GCDD), and Bilingual Program Associate for School and Community Supports, former Senior Diversity Fellow, within the Center for Leadership in Disability, School of Public Health at Georgia State University. Bren is a professional multilingual/multicultural freelance/contract advisor and consultant, cultural broker, educator, facilitator and trainer, and interpreter and translator in education and public health sector. Her only son, a tall, dark, and handsome nonverbal, yet bilingual in his receptive language, young man lives with moderate to severe autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She is interested in learning how to apply social impact strategies to her work for and with historically unserved and underserved individuals, families and communities living with intellectual/ developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Georgia, the Southeast, and beyond. Bren enjoys art and culture, listening to world music, nature trail hiking, travel, and reading literature and watching movies in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.



Brent Peterkin

Derby, CT, United States

Brent Peterkin has focused his efforts to create social impact in the criminal justice system primarily through approaches involving policing, corrections, reentry, and advocacy. Currently, Brent serves as the Statewide Director for Project Longevity, a Connecticut based initiative that marshals law enforcement agencies and communities to focus on decreasing urban gun violence, reducing arrests, direct support, and social service coordination. The program’s best practices have been recognized nationally and internationally for its violence reduction and strategic coordination efforts. Brent also serves on the Governor’s Youth and Urban Violence Commission, is a co-chair of the Bridgeport Mayor’s Initiative for Reentry Affairs, and a board member of EMERGE a social enterprise with a commitment to helping formerly incarcerated individuals and at-risk youth. Previously, Brent served as a policy fellow in the Office of the Governor working in support of the Office of Early Childhood where he focused on parent engagement and fatherhood development.




Brittany Jezouit 

Melbourne, Australia

Brittany is an editor & digital strategist, originally from Richmond, Virginia. She has a BBA in marketing & psychology from the College of William and Mary, and is an AmeriCorps VISTA alum. She’s currently working as an editor at a tech company in Melbourne, Australia; before that, she taught English in Thailand, and worked on alumni engagement for international exchange programs. She’s passionate about creative communities, storytelling, and social impact


Brooke Campbell 

Clark, NJ, United States

Brooke Campbell is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist, and Board-Certified Trainer with fourteen years of clinical experience working with diverse populations. Brooke was awarded by and featured in NJ Family magazine. She is the Founder and Director of Creative Kinections, LLC offering creative arts therapy for personal and professional development. Creative Kinections has developed partnerships within universities, schools, hospitals, recreation centers, mental health facilities, non-profit organizations, addictions centers, and domestic violence agencies. Brooke lectures at New York University’s graduate Art Therapy and Drama Therapy departments, the School of Visual Arts, and Rutgers University. She holds a Master’s in Drama Therapy from New York University. She volunteers on a Task Force as a Legislative Consultant for her field and is a co-leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. As a professional actor, Brooke is a member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. Her greatest role is being a mom to her three young children.



Candas Ifama Barnes 

Washington DC, United States

Candas Ifama Barnes is a Linguistic Alchemist and intentionally uses words to create change. For over 37 years she has served as a transformational author, dynamic speaker, American Sign Language/English interpreter and passionate educator focused on helping people understand themselves, and each other, better. Currently Candas is laser-focused on exponentially increasing the number of highly qualified ASL/English interpreters of color and on strengthening the level of cultural competence for all professionals who work with people who are Deaf. One of her proudest accomplishments in 2017 is establishing a scholarship fund at Gallaudet University honoring the legacy and life of Dr. Shirley
Childress Johnson, the first nationally certified African American interpreter and spearheading a campaign that raised over $7,000 for the fund in under nine months.



Carleigh Snead

Sterling, VA, United States

Carleigh is a recent graduate who is devoted to serving young people through designing safe spaces and coaching sports-based youth development programs. She graduated from the College of William & Mary as a Geography major in 2015 and is currently working as a youth soccer coach in Northern Virginia. Carleigh found her passion of serving youth while working for various community development focused organizations in Nepal, Argentina, and Brazil as an undergrad. She is always searching for new, innovative ways to make safe places for play more inclusive and accessible to young people lacking financial means or resources in the US and abroad. Carleigh enjoys traveling, yoga, and playing beach soccer in her free time.



Carlos Casis

Villa Maria del Triunfo, Peru

Industrial Engineer with over thirty five years of experience as CEO and other management positions. Aimed to develop, achieve and maintain leadership in organizations. Tangible achievements in management with measurable outcomes and impacts. Management skills of strategic planning cost analysis, forming and leading high performance teams with a focus on results. Proven skills in negotiating with suppliers, national and international development banks, International Cooperation, customers, civil society, grassroots organizations, as well peasant communities. Experience working with Central , regional and local Government and its various agencies .He has had Implemented and reorganized business . Last 15 years in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. Is specialized in Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Investment, Community Relations and Political Actors. It promotes, facilitates, manages and executes efforts to programs and projects, transmitting knowledge and relevant experience to increase the effectiveness of joint operations.



Caroline Kiarie 

Nairobi, Kenya

Caroline Kiarie-Kimondo is a Kenyan national with expertise in leading social programs. She is passionate about understanding relationships between institutions, communities and populations of people with a view of challenging and unpacking the narrative that frames popular view. Caroline is an expert resource in organizing and facilitating think spaces where issues of critical importance and relevance to women and girls’ plight are discussed and comprehensively addressed. Some of these spaces have sought to advocate and influence the implementation and adoption of women’s human rights such as women’s rights to individual freedom, dignity and autonomy as well as their right to exist and thrive in a world that is embracive and acknowledging of their rights. Caroline has a Masters in International Conflict Management from the University of Nairobi and is an alumnus of Harvard Kennedy School and Strathmore Business School Executive Education Programs.


Charmi Shukla 

Mumbai, India

Charmi is the Product lead for Premium Credit cards at a leading Indian Bank, with over 8 years of experience and an MBA from IIM Lucknow.




Christina Gilfillan

Sacromento, CA, United States

I am the founder of Issues of Justice. The goal of this new nonprofit is to promote education on bullying and appropriateness on social media and help create economic opportunity and empowerment.




Christine Lewis 

West Linn, OR, United States

Christine Lewis is a government relations and public affairs professional who brings experience in advocacy, policy development, stakeholder engagement, and political strategy to her work. She has worked for local and state government leadership, a public sector union, and public policy organizations in Oregon. Lewis has managed and advised candidate and ballot measure campaigns, including serving as campaign manager for Portland’s historic 2016 affordable housing bond campaign. Christine is active in numerous community efforts and organizations, and sits on the board of Emerge Oregon, Oregon Women’s Candidate School, and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. She is in her 10th year preparing high school students for their college journey with Minds Matter of Portland, and serves in volunteer leadership positions with the Junior League of Portland, the Portland Opera, and the City of West Linn’s Historic Review Board. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Christine moved to Oregon to attend Reed College, where she earned her B.A. in Anthropology while playing college rugby and working at the campus nuclear reactor.



Citra Savitiri

Jakarta, Indonesia

While still working as Marketing, Advertising, and Communications professional for companies and global advertising agencies, Citra has long been passionate development issues. She started by organising fundraising with her friends to support a cause, such as supporting the operations of an informal school for children living at fishermen’s village just outside her hometown in Jakarta. She moved to Singapore in 2012 for another advertising job, but left to volunteer with children in Nepal and India. After she returned and started working for an NGO in Bali, she discovered the concept of social business through the book she read written by Muhammad Yunus. Since then, it has been her long term goal to start a social business, as she believes it is an effective and sustainable way to help solve development issues in Indonesia. She’s also very keen to support other local, grass-root micro social entrepreneurs needing guidance to grow, so more and more social business can flourish and collaborate in improving the lives of Indonesians still living in poverty, and sometimes without access to electricity.


Colvin Hedgepath

Richmond, VA, United States

Colvin is an aspiring outdoor leader seeking to make an impact through efforts in which individuals experience the benefits of nature and learn to incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily life. She believes that we could improve the health of communities and thereby make the world a better place for all by increasing access to nature and outdoor recreation opportunities. Her vision is inspired by the evergrowing urbanization and technology advances that seem to disconnect us from our environments, and she inspires to encourage people to connect instead to nature and the simple pleasures of life that existed before our world became digitally engrossed.


Danielle Doza 

Cleveland, OH, United States

Danielle is a nonprofit professional and licensed attorney focused on local, neighborhood level change. At this turning point in her career, she is pivoting from the typical, reactionary work of the nonprofit sector to build a new social enterprise program in the community development space. On a personal note, she loves spending time in the Metroparks, participating in civic dialogue, and baking bread. Danielle lives with her wife and the cutest senior beagles in Cleveland, Ohio.


Diana Doukas 

Washington DC, United States

Diana is Director of Social Responsibility for the Libra Group. In this role she helps build and manage a range of programs and initiatives which seek to deliver educational opportunity, business opportunity, and acts of humanity. These programs span internships, educational fellowships, backing for entrepreneurs and support for non-profit organizations including a mental health charity, a global convening body which seeks to promote public-private partnerships, and a charity in Greece that provides safe haven for unaccompanied refugee children. Prior to this role, Diana served in the Obama Administration as the Director of the White House Business Council & Policy Advisor as well as the White House Liaison to the US Small Business Administration. She has also served in finance roles of several Democratic campaigns.



Ekaterina Sukhova 

Bryn Athen, PA, United States

Kate is responsible for strategic development at Ann Kids Inc., an early education facility serving more than 250 children in Northeast Philadelphia. Prior to joining Ann Kids, Kate implemented corporate social responsibility projects at corporations and developed PR strategies for non-profits in Eastern Europe. Kate holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Moscow Academy for Humanities and Social Studies


Elizabeth Smith

New York, NY, United States

Elizabeth manages Operations and Customer Success at Envested, an enterprise tool that enables connectivity and promotes meaning in the workplace. She currently lives in New York City, having previously helped design a social innovation program for a family foundation in North Carolina and taught middle school ELA in Tennessee. She was an enthusiastic soccer coach for middle schools in TN and NC and still serves as a Guardian ad Litem. When she can’t be outside in the woods, Elizabeth spends her time reading, exercising, and trying to think of really bad puns. Elizabeth has a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was a Morehead-Cain scholar (go Tar Heels!)


Erin Smith

Nairobi, Kenya

Erin Smith, is an ex-corporate gal that left the chaotic and hectic gerbil wheel to make a positive impact in Africa. She utilizes the skills, experience and acumen from over 25 years in finance, technology and general business to mentor, coach and advise entrepreneurs in Kenya.Currently, Ms Smith purchased a conservation entrepreneurship company, Ocean Sole and is working on how to make this organization more successful both in social impact as well as awareness of the flip flop problem in emerging markets.Waking up everyday to smiling faces whom want to learn, grow and make a positive impact on the environment and community is a dream that has come true.Besides traveling, eating out, reading, sailing and spending time socializing with friends in the bush or at the beach, Ms Smith likes to write funny short stories about her experiences across Africa.Erin also likes to learn. She has her BS in MIS, MSc in IT, MCert in Change Management and has attended over 30 graduate level and executive programs to stimulate her brain.


Esty Sutyoko

Geneva, Switzerland









Felipe Cala 

Bogotá, Colombia

Felipe Cala is a program officer at the Latin America Program at Open Society Foundations, where he manages the human rights portfolio. Prior to this, he was engaged in advocacy, communications, and policy work with various civil society organizations and the Colombian government. His research has been published by several academic journals, and by the United Nations, for which he co-authored a report on youth engagement and human rights. He is the author of Cultural Producers and Social Change in Latin America (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). Felipe has a law degree from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), an M.Phil. in cultural studies from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), and a Ph.D. in Latin American studies from Princeton University (United States)


Filadelfo Franco Braz 

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Filadelfo wants to promote equal opportunities for people and empower small businesses with tools and technology to thrive in highly competitive spaces. During the 8 years which he managed logistic operations in one of the biggest company in Brazil, he consistently chose to incorporate positive impact practices toward employees and suppliers into his areas of control. More recently, he moved from São Paulo to New York and has been dedicating his time both to experience the volunteer world and to study the social impact space, looking for innovative business practices that he could bring back in Brazil in the future. He is a curious, data-driven, team oriented player, fascinated by the idea of making the world a better place.


Geeta Shukla 

Austin, TX, United States

Geeta has been working in consulting for over 7 years, focused primarily on software implementations for companies in the healthcare, government, technology, and non-profit sectors. Geeta wants to help in creating a future where access is no longer a question or challenge. This includes but is not limited to access to quality education, equal access to healthcare, and access to fair treatment regardless of sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, refugee status, or religion. Geeta currently works on bridging the gap in access to education for low income and first generation students through her work with the social enterprise wing of the Austin nonprofit, College Forward. Additionally, Geeta continues to serve as an advocate for female youth in the greater Austin community as a leadership team member with ChickTech Austin and mentor with GirlForward.



Gino Baltazar 

Sausalito, CA, United States

Gino Baltazar loves to solve problems and help others succeed. A seasoned technologist who had spent many years stitching networks for big banks like JPMorgan, he is as passionate about harnessing innovation, talent and sustainability to change the trajectory of business performance. He now runs Invest Impactly where he is seeking to bridge capital between those who seek yield and those who seek funding, focusing on inclusive fintech and renewables. A first-generation immigrant to the U.S., he has B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State, and an M.S. Finance from Saint Mary’s College of California, where the seeds of his interests in sustainable, responsible investing (SRI) and environmental, sustainable governance (ESG) were first sown


Graham Dover

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Graham Dover is an experienced manager who has spent the last 20 years in the public, private and nonprofit sectors focusing on the study and practice of transformative social innovation – novel solutions that lead to significant shifts in how a problem is understood and managed. He has a Masters in Voluntary Sector Organization (London School of Economics) and a PhD In Business Administration (Simon Fraser University). He has had the privilege to work with social entrepreneurs committed to systemic change in a variety of fields including health and education. He’s currently working on: a pilot to transform community access to academic knowledge; the relationship between ownership and impact investment; and investigating ways to scale collaborative giving in Canada



Gurjeet Kaur Heer 

New Delhi, India

Gurjeet is a development professional from India and has about 10 years of experience in the area of education, youth development and women empowerment. She holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology and a Masters in Social Work, both from the University of Delhi, India. Currently, she is working with an India based charity, Youthreach, as a Senior Manager – Programmes, and is responsible for end-to-end programme management and implementation. Most recently, Gurjeet has worked to support ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ interventions to bring about positive changes in the lives of young rural women and girls. Working as an education and youth worker has always given her a sense of accomplishment in life! Gurjeet is an avid reader and enjoys baking, cooking, discovering new places and learning about different cultures.


Hannah Pickard 

Cambridge, PA, United States

Hannah Pickard is Program Manager for the National Network of Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI), and is responsible for network management and operations. This includes managing support for governance, communication, training, and evaluation. Hannah has led NNOCCI’s efforts on curriculum development, facilitator training, and alumni support since 2010. She has a background in education program development, implementation and evaluation for families, schools, and community groups. She holds a B.A. in studio art and Italian from Connecticut College as well as training in evaluation from Lesley University and in conservation psychology from Antioch University




Henry Ohanga 

Nairobi, Kenya

Henry Ohanga, commonly referred to by his stage name Octopizzo is an award winning a recording and perfoming artist, humanitarian and entrepreneur. Born in the sprawling slums of Kibera, Nairobi (considered one of the largest slums in the world), he started to pursue his career in music in earnest., Octopizzo currently have 3 albums named “Chocolate City”, “LDPC” which took the Number 1 spot on itunes on its first week of release and “Refugeenius” which he colaborated with over 20 Refugees from Kakuma & Dadaab Refugee camps. He is now a globally recognized artist who also has a strong passion for community outreach and youth empowerment. He founded his no-profit – Octopizzo Foundation in 2015 and through the Foundation, he hopes to use foundation as the uniting ingredients of creativity, Art, Music, Culture and Sports to support vulnerable youths to realize their potential and be untied from the cycle of desperation and dependency


Hilary Swaim 

West Hartford, CT, United States

Hilary is the Executive Director of the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, a non-profit that enriches lives through the craft of hand-weaving. Before joining the Weaving Center, Hilary was Vice President of brand marketing at 2U, Inc. She earned an undergraduate degree in geography and international relations from the George Washington University in Washington, DC and she was a Boren Scholar in Tanzania


Ian Yamey

Sydney, Australia

Ian Yamey is the Founder at Donational, which helps people build personal charity portfolios that are high-impact and align with their values. Before starting Donational, Ian worked as the CTO at consumer insurance startup PolicyGenius, guiding the tech team and helping scale the company from 4 to 70 employees and over $50m in venture funding. Ian’s mission is to encourage people to be more deliberate and impactful about their giving. He was born and raised in Australia, holds a BCS from the University of Sydney and currently resides in New York




Imani Farley 

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Imani Farley is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist who has spent over 10 years designing and scaling projects across sectors to advance education equity, diversity in college access and increase career opportunities for youth globally. Imani has managed and directed public-private partnerships to innovate, scale and execute high quality education initiatives. Imani has extensive experience leading and scaling national projects while designing and innovating as they grow, always ensuring the inclusion of youth voice. In 2015, Imani joined The Fellowship Initiative (TFI) through the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, to lead the national scaling of the college access project and to further explore population specific philanthropic investments. She manages TFI’s national operations, focusing on innovation and impact, as well as the college persistence and career development programming for over 150 fellows globally. Imani is a proud alumna of The George Washington University’s School of Public Health and the CORO Fellowship in Public Affairs. Imani is an avid activist, wellness advocate, photographer and writer who has contributed to content found in foundations, non-profit organizations and technology companies.



Irene Valdes Wochinger 

Miami, FL, United States

Irene Valdes Wochinger is the Operations Manager of Planned Parenthood Global’s Latin America regional office. She has dedicated her life to advance initiatives that solve social issues in communities in the US and Latin America by executing a multi-disciplinary approach to her work and seeking cross-sector opportunities. As a Latina raised by a single father in a low-income community in Puerto Rico, she was exposed to disparities affecting access to basic rights and needs such as quality healthcare and education. This early exposure fueled her interests in pursuing academic degrees and professional careers that would identify and execute solutions for social issues affecting the well-being of communities and individuals through innovation. In her current role, she has focused on designing and implementing systems and tools to increase organizational efficiency and financial monitoring and evaluation. Irene Valdes Wochinger holds a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology from SUNY. She was a Fulbright research scholar in Southern Mexico in 2009 and a research fellow for the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention in 2009 and 2011



Italia Ugalde 

Mexico City, Mexico

• She has held positions in the third sector, federal government and private sector, always with a social
• She Currently holds the position of Sustainability Manager at Financial Group Banorte, the only bank 100% Mexican and the second largest Bank in Mexico.
• Her passion is to create new ways to help people, specially those who are more vulnerable.
• She is in love with her country, Mexico, its traditions, its delicious food, and the warmth of its people




Jacquelyn Horton

San Francisco, CA, United States

Jacquelyn is a San Francisco Bay Area native who is passionate about human rights and access to education. Growing up in the Silicon Valley, she witnessed the incredible growth and increase in wealth in the area over a short period of time and simultaneously, the displacement of large groups of people. Through this, she has learned how impactful education can be on individuals and entire communities. Jacquelyn strongly believes in making the world a better place for the many, not just the few and is excited to work on a more global level


Jamieson Gray

Nashville, TN, United States

After leveraging his rapid-fire excel maneuvering and strategic thinking to mitigate many issues within the USA’s big banks, Jamieson has traveled around the world to focus on social entrepreneurship. As both a social impact consultant for a volunteer program in Hyderabad and a CFO/COO for an alternative study abroad program in the Panamanian jungle, he is continuing to grow his skillset and always eager to learn. In his spare time, Jamieson is an avid polar bear supporter, Chicago deep dish pizza fan, and consumer of as much content about bettering ourselves as possible.


Jamye Wooten 

Baltimore, MD, United States

Jamye is a trusted adviser and consultant to many of the world’s most influential faith-based and nonprofit organizations. His work has spanned the globe – advising nonprofits, faith-based organizations, corporations and individuals in their efforts to engage their constituencies. On the forefront of digital strategy, he has been invited consecutively to speak at SXSW, the world’s largest interactive festival. Wooten is the creator of and .Base – Black Theology Project 2.0, an online knowledgebase curating theological resources for Black Lives. In April 2015, Jamye co-founded Baltimore United for Change, a coalition of grassroots organizations in Baltimore City that organized in response to the death of #FreddieGray. Jamye latest project is CLLCTIVLY, an ecosystem to foster collaboration, build capacity and amplify the voices of Black-led organizations in greater Baltimore.


Jared Yarnall

State College, PA, United States

Jared is a social entrepreneur with experience coaching youth led social enterprises in emerging markets. He has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, North & South America, which has shaped his worldview that people are people everywhere. He is currently the Program Director of Thought For Food, where he works with next generation innovators to provide the skills, confidence, and connections needed to feed 9+ billion people by the year 2050. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University, and has previously founded two small, youth-led agriculture companies (one in the US and one in Kenya). He strongly believes that youth empowerment is key towards creating a healthier and happier world, and that all people deserve equal opportunities at life


Jayanti Tambe

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Jayanti Tambe is a professor of Child Development at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. She was the Executive Director of UCLA Early Care and Education and has also held leadership positions in child development at Pacific Oaks Children’s School, and at Stanford University. She is a published author of the books, “The Art of Math and Science” and “A Kaleidoscope of Children.” She works as a Peer Reviewer for NAEYC’s Higher Education Accreditation. Jayanti is credited with creating Pacific Oaks College’s Trauma Specialization in Early Childhood. She has both nationally and internationally demonstrated abilities to adapt teaching methods and materials to students’ individual learning styles and cultural differences. She can speak several languages and considers this to be an asset while working with diverse families. Through her appointment by several national associations, institutes and universities, she has been widely accredited for her innovation in teaching practices.




Jeanette Ruth Ulrich 

Milpitas, CA, United States

Jeanette works in Silicon Valley, initially in HR and more recently in business operations for product and engineering teams. She has a background in economics and a passion for promoting and developing diverse talent in tech.




Jeffrey Kosofsky

New York, NY, United States

Jeffrey is currently focused on the standardization and objectification of concussion testing in patients who suffer from post-concussive symptoms. Jeffrey was one of 25 students to recently return from a global fellowship in Jewish Studies and Positive Psychology in Jerusalem, Israel. Before his year abroad, Jeffrey worked in Early Childhood Education and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan for Sport Management, with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the College of Engineering. A native of Boston and a resident of New York City, Jeffrey has had the opportunity to lead and participate in four international relief projects spanning across Central and South America (Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic). Jeffrey has held positions in the corporate world (Big Ten Network, NBC Universal), the startup world (CampusInsiders, [L]earned Media), and has worked as a co-head counselor at multiple summer camps as well as a referee / coach at the Gaga Center, a popular game sport.


Jeffrey Matty

Slippery Rock, PA, United States

Jeffrey Matty Ed.D. is currently the Superintendent of the Wilmington Area School District. Dr. Matty has been involved with public and international education for over 30 years in the Pittsburgh area and Japan. He wants to positively impact the educational opportunities of students in poverty through digital learning and innovation. Many students of poverty are not given enough opportunities to develop digital literacy, research skills, and collaborative innovations that open a world of educational opportunities, personal growth, and cultural significance. It is his intent to provide digital opportunities through three premises. First, all students must be provided with hardware that is capable of accessing rigorous content, global communication, and relevant research skills. Second, students need a curriculum that is oriented toward innovation and personalized learning. Third, educational resources must be available that consider a students background, language, and culture. Lastly, Dr. Matty wants to impact the educational world by providing digital opportunities to all children regardless of birthplace, income, background or reading ability


Jesse Phillips 

Washington DC, United States

Jesse drives people and capital towards positive impact. He currently works in corporate development at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he helps the firm achieve growth and competitive solutions for its clients through acquisitions. He also is a financial adviser to SourceScrub, an information services startup based in the Bay Area. Prior to Booz Allen, Jesse worked as an investor in growth stage enterprise technology companies at Updata Partners. Jesse began his career as an investment banker advising growth-stage technology companies on mergers, acquisitions, and capital raises. In 2017, Jesse traveled solo through 16 countries and three continents over nine months. During this time, he produced a podcast on stratup investing in the local markets he visited. He also authors the blog In his spare time, he enjoys reading historical biographies and practicing Brazilian Zouk


Jessica Borich 

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jessica Borich is a collaborative social change leader who is passionate about social innovation and advocating for equality, diversity and inclusion. She strives to create positive social, economic and environmental impact in the communities where we live and work. Jessica is an intrapreneur at Vancity, Canada’s largest financial cooperative. Through her work as a Consultant, she influences change by investing in community-based initiatives that generate sustainable impact. Jessica also has a side-hussle, she’s an entrepreneur who is about to relaunch her social venture offering eco-friendly diaper consulting to families. She is excited to be a part of a global network of social change leaders to collaborate and exchange ideas with her cohort. Currently, Jessica resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but is often travelling between there and Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Jessica Lee

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Jessica is Co-Founder of The Spectrum Works, a non-profit organization transitioning gifted adults on the autism spectrum into meaningful talent for corporations. She is also a project manager at SoCalGas, the nation’s largest gas utility, leading the development and execution of an enterprise-wide strategy for managing the people-side of organizational change and transformation. Prior to this, she worked as a management consultant with Capgemini for five years and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business and International Relations at the University of Southern California. Jessica is committed to using her experiences, skills and drive for addressing social injustice, and leading change and innovation in solving the world’s most pressing issues. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, being outdoors and traveling.


John Lee 

Atlanta, GA, United States

EJ is a self-proclaimed conceptual architect, who believes that intentionality and design thinking are essential in all facets of life. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, EJ enjoys challenging the status quo, pioneering new initiatives, and maximizing collective impact, particularly in under resourced communities around Atlanta. His favorite conversations often revolve around designing strategies to help communities and scheming to make the world a better place by blending business principles with social mission. Currently, EJ works as a project coordinator for an investment and development company, Good Places LLC, a member of the Ethical Property Family in the U.K. EJ graduated with a BS in Biology from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (2002) and a M.Div from Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA (2011). He is married and has a six-year-old German Shephard named, Samson


John Eyagi Shivisi  

Mombasa, Kenya

John is a teacher, a Certified Entrepreneurial Leadership Educator and an avid high-impact
entrepreneurship enthusiast. Through Enactus and Junior Achievement, John has engaged over 5,000 students in running over 150 successful 6 months experiential ventures; transforming them from high potential to high impact citizens. He’s the Lead Faculty for Student Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program at The Mpesa Foundation Academy where he curates the curriculum and manages its implementation and coordinates the School’s Hive Incubator where he leads the launching and commercialisation of students’ ventures. Furthermore, John is the Founder and Executive Director of IdeaHutAfrica, a social enterprise that empowers last mile youth to develop brand driven ventures; first, to solve communal challenges and create livelihoods. A Junior Achievement Kenya’s Patron of the Year-2012 and ENACTUS’ Service Leadership Award Winner in 2007 and 2015, John seeks to hasten entrepreneurial education and action in Africa, develop entrepreneurial enabling centres across Kenya, equip 100,000 youth with entrepreneurial leadership skill-sets and support them develop their ideas into 2,000 successful and sustainable ventures in the next 10 years.





Jonas Frederik

Gottingen, Germany

Jonas Wolterstorff is a curious multipotentialite. His specialty is being a generalist. By having graduated in two interdisciplinary degrees – European Studies & Sustainable Development – he accumulated a wide array of academic knowledge. This variety was garnished by living abroad and learning five foreign languages. He excels in integrating different viewpoints and disciplines, but therefore has trouble honing in on a single aspects. Consequently, idea creation and development is much closer to his heart than execution and implementation. In his studies, he focused on Behavioural Economics and Motivational Psychology, how culture shapes opinion and the interaction between attitude and behaviour. In his master thesis, he developed a framework to influence behaviour towards conscious lifestyles via gameful
design and mobile technology



Jorge Torre 

Guaymas, Mexico

Jorge Torre is the General Director, and co-founder of Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C. (COBI, 1999,, a non-governmental organization that aims for marine biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries through effective participatory approaches. He did his PhD studies in the University of Arizona. Jorge have been working in marine conservation and sustainable fisheries in Mexico since his bachelor years (1988). Over the years he had collaborating with peers to generate practical answers to marine conservation problems using an integral perspective by combining biophysical, socioeconomic, and governance information. In recent years he has been studying in understanding ecological and social connectivity; and currently he is working to achieve equal gender participation in fisheries management decision processes to achieve sustainability. He considers himself a doer that everything is possible for the protection of the oceans and the common good.


Judy Friedman

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Judy Friedman serves as Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs of Saban Capital Group, Inc. as well as a number of affiliated entities, advising with respect to business and investments worldwide. Ms. Friedman also serves as Senior Vice President of the Saban Family Foundation and on the advisory board of Safe Place for Youth and is an active volunteer with Heifer International, the RAND Corporation and Beverly Vista School PTA. Ms. Friedman’s experience prior to joining Saban Capital Group includes extensive litigation of complex commercial, environmental and employment matters, as well as advising clients in a variety of industries regarding strategic business development. Ms. Friedman holds a BA in American Civilization and International Relations from University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Loyola Law Schoo


Kay Walten 

Houston, TX, United States

Kay Walten has lived in Mexico most of her life. She moved to Mexico in 1992, to explore underwater caves, and was a leader for women in the realm of technical diving. She founded Loco Gringo Inc., a vacation company specializing in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in 1996. She remains as owner and CEO today. Having returned to the USA in recent years, Kay commutes between Houston and the Riviera Maya. She is always involved with community service that focuses not only on supporting local businesses but lives big and small. Projects have included hurricane relief and animal welfare efforts in Africa and Mexico. Kay had a sponsorship drive for a climb she did on Mt. Kilimanjaro With the money; she funded a sewing co-op in Tanzania teaching woman sewing skills. It goes almost without saying that Kay’s passion is adventure, travel, and exploration in various forms. She is a member of the Explorers Club, Women’s Diver Hall of Fame, graduated from Clarion University and continued her education in Hotel Marketing at Cornell.


Kelly Coladarci 

Danbury, CT, United States

Kelly Coladarci, CVT has twenty years’ experience in international program development and more than ten in emergency management. Her focus is on animal health and welfare establishing and improving the global connection between veterinary medicine and public health. She works on international projects with organizations and partners that have a compassionate focus on animals, communities and the environment and the integrated effort towards One Health recognizing the interconnection between them


Kelsey DeMerlis

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Kelsey currently works at Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and inequity through education and employment. Kelsey is passionate about creating access and opportunity for youth and young adults In her role, Kelsey cultivates public and private partnerships working towards the community’s economic advancement. She has has focused her career in workforce development in both project management and direct service roles for youth and young adults as well as with special populations. Kelsey is a proud graduate of Penn State University with a bachelors of science degree in Psychology. She is currently a member of the New Leaders Council (NLC) Philadelphia 2018 cohort, a national program training leadership development for progressive millennials. A native of the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kelsey spent a brief period of time in New York City though moved back to Philly after realizing there is no competition for Philadelphia’s community.





Komal Gidwani 

Dubai, United Arab Emrites

Komal Gidwani is a Human Resources Professional with Marriott International overlooking HR Compliance in the Middle East & Africa Region. Komal is of Indian origin, born and raised in Dubai but considers herself a truly global citizen due to her immense love for traveling. Having traveled 23 countries, Komal enjoys unique travel experiences such as Volunteering in Nepal, Skydiving in Mombasa and exploring Bat Caves in Madagascar. When not indulging in wine and cheese, Komal enjoys being active through Boxing and Pilates. Komal is keen on pursuing a hike to the Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2018 and is looking to bring people together to support it for a social cause


Kristen Rouse 

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Kristen L. Rouse has served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, and Army National Guard for more than 23 years. She served in Afghanistan in 2006, 2010, and 2012, for a combined 31 months in roles that have included mission planning for resupply convoys to remote combat outposts and working directly with the Afghan National Army. Her civilian experience has included creating regional and citywide logistics plans and programs for NYC’s Office of Emergency Management and teaching literature and writing as an adjunct professor. She has written on veteran and military issues for The New York Times, New York Post, Daily Beast, Tampa Bay Times, and spoken about her experiences on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NPR. In response to the difficulties she had upon returning to NYC following her third tour of duty, she founded the NYC Veterans Alliance, a nonprofit that advances veterans and their families as civic leaders. She lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, with her partner Caitlin.



Kristin Jarrett 

Hyattsville, MD, United States

Kristin is the Director of Partnerships at McKinley Technology High School where she manages relationships with corporate partners who provide academic, experiential learning, and financial support for her students. She also leads student programming, with an emphasis on young women of color, that supports their identity and leadership development. Previously, Kristin designed grassroots recruitment campaigns for DC Public Schools, The New Teacher Project and Teach for America, where she cultivated diverse candidate pipelines. At DCPS central office she established the digital voice for the Office of Human Capital and established strategic partnerships with corporate organizations seeking to expand their social responsibility work. These collaborations led to a cultural convergence that affirmed and helped sustain her team’s work in Education access and policy. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Spelman College and a Master of Education degree in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University, Kristin is an active member of ColorComm where she currently serves as the Volunteer Director for the annual C2 Conference for women of color.



Kristy Trautmann  

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Ms. Trautmann is executive director of FISA Foundation, a charitable grantmaking foundation focused on improving the lives of women, girls, and people with disabilities. In addition to overseeing a diverse portfolio of grants, under Ms. Trautmann’s leadership FISA has undertaken regional initiatives to end cycles of domestic and sexual violence, address systematic inequities facing girls of color, and promote employment and social inclusion of people with disabilities. Prior to FISA, Ms. Trautmann worked at Pittsburgh Action Against Rape and the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh. She is the founder of Southwest PA Says No More, an effort to prevent domestic and sexual violence, is founder and former co-chair of the Girls Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and serves on numerous other boards and advisory committees. She grew up and still lives in the Pittsburgh area, where she enjoys Tae Kwon Do, reading and hiking with her wife, two children and their dog.



Laura Francois


Laura Francois is a community engager, storyteller and environmental creative. A human centered designer working the sustainable and ethical fashion space in Southeast Asia, Laura focuses on designing circular economy models for a healthier fashion industry – dedicated to exploring a new way of thinking about supply chain and encouraging others to question the provenance of everything we consume. Ted X Speaker, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Singapore and Hive Global Leader, Laura consults and empowers organizations to connect the dots between social impact and the environment around North America and Southeast Asia.



Laura Stachel 

Berkeley, CA, United States

Laura is a retired Ob/Gyn who is the Executive Director of We Care Solar, an international non-profit dedicated to improving global maternal health care by improving energy access to underserved health facilities





Lindsay Young

Washington, DC, United States

Lindsay Young is a Washington-DC based attorney and women and girls’ empowerment advocate. She began her law practice at Alston & Bird in banking regulation and has served as the Executive Director of the Literacy Empowerment Action Project, a literacy and education sustainability non-profit working in Ghana. She has a passion for working in the social impact space and is StartingBloc fellow, facilitator for LeadIn, and an advisor for several startup organizations. She has a JD from Georgetown University Law Center and a BA from Spelman College.


Lisa Locke

Nairobi, Kenya

Lisa Locke is Senior Technical Advisor for Organizational Development and Income Diversification at International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR). Working from Nairobi, she supports IPPF’s national Member Associations in 34 African countries to diversify their income streams through innovative fundraising methods, social enterprises and partnerships with the private sector. She has over 20 years of experience in resource mobilization for international NGOs in the fields of humanitarian relief, education, health care and peacebuilding


Lordess Shabazz 

Atlantic City, NJ, United States

Lordess Shabazz is a social entrepreneur committed to servicing low income communities with affordable clothing and educational programs. Her enterprise, Shop Lydia’s LLC, donates 10% of its earnings to assist local non profit organizations that focus on youth empowerment and college readiness



Lucas De Ross Walter 

New York, NY, United States

Lucas Welter is the Chief Organization Development & Strategy Officer for AFS Intercultural Programs. His nonprofit experience spans more than 20 years and includes developing strategy and engaging volunteers and executing change projects at the local, national and global levels in more than 50
countries. Lucas enjoys designing customer-centric experiences and structures and helping organizations to promote change within complex human systems by creating movements. His current challenge is to support AFS in its transformation from a commercial business to a social movement, helping 20,000 participants every year with the empathy and changemaking skills necessary to support the resolution of global challenges in different scales. He majored in Business Administration and holds a Master in Organizational Psychology from the London School of Economics (UK). Originally from Brazil, he has lived extended periods of time in Australia, Dominican Republic, England, Puerto Rico and Italy. He is currently living in New York City.


Maegan Lillis 

San Francisco, CA, United States

Maegan believes in the power of the collective to enact social change. She has spent her career learning and implementing innovative models to catalyze community development, including social enterprises, direct service programs, and philanthropic initiatives. Maegan is currently working to end homelessness through the dignity of work with the Bay Area-based organization Downtown Streets Team.


Marcie Florentino 

Somerville, NJ, United States

Marcie has a desire to see all people live life to their fullest potential, free from limiting beliefs, both intrinsic and extrinsic which drive her passion for social justice for all. She received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Georgia and has been successful as a leader and motivator
for people from all backgrounds with diverse experiences through her own life’s challenges and situations. She is the Executive Director of a non-profit program in New Jersey with over 75 employees and has led her organization for over 10 years with an empowerment model to bring growth and expansion to programs and opportunities. She was born in the mid-west United States, raised in the Southeast and has lived the past 25 years in the Northeast. She enjoys life with her husband of 25 years, their three sons, and an 89 pound rescue bulldog named Tank


Mariana Sanchez Peregrina 

San Francisco, CA, United States

Dreamer and marketer very passionate about community impact and social issues.Loves traveling, cooking, dancing and connecting with people. Born and raised in Mexico but for now calls the Bay Area home





Marilyn Sampilo 

Columbus, OH, United States

Marilyn Sampilo is a licensed pediatric psychologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio where she provides direct clinical service in integrated primary care and conducts research on pediatric health promotion. A firm believer that zip code should not determine access and that all children should be afforded the opportunity to participate in programming that promotes positive youth development including physical and mental wellness while building strength of character, Marilyn is engaged in various community engagement and outreach efforts. She serves as a board member or consultant for various local and national organizations helping to inform youth development and health promotion initiatives. In her spare time, Marilyn enjoys sports and may be a bit of a fanatic when it comes to select college and professional teams.



Michael Mhango 

Zomba, Malawi

Michael Mhango hails from Northern Malawi and did his studies at Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi. Michael is a Global Health Corp Alumni, a Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Alumni and was selected as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer to advocate for sustainable development projects in
rural communities. Michael is a Monitoring and Evaluation professional and Social Entrepreneur who has worked in agriculture, nutrition and health systems consulting and quality improvement. His passionate lies in addressing social injustice, women empowerment, transportation services, business development and mentor-ship, public health issues and environmental waste management.


Monica Mitrani 

Bogota, Colombia

Monica has wide-ranging experience in consulting, business development and research that spans 20+ years. She has occupied senior roles as strategy and research consultant, research director, moderator and coach at firms such as TNS (now Kantar) and Culturati – focusing heavily on the U.S. Hispanic market. Earlier in her career Monica was a consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. Monica is a Board Member for Amigos de Los Rios, a non-profit dedicated to the creation of a green infrastructure network of culturally meaningful parks and trails in the Los Angeles basin to counteract effects of climate change. She is currently looking to apply her years of experience to empower disenfranchised youth and women, and advance social justice causes worldwide. Born and raised in Colombia, Monica is fully bilingual and bicultural. She holds a Master of International Affairs degree in International Finance and Business from Columbia University and a B.S. in Business
Administration from Babson College.



Nagamallika Valluru

Hyderabad, India

Mallika is a social entrepreneur who believes in the potential of technology to bring social change. She is involved in building self-sustained low-cost community Wi-Fi networks in rural areas of India. Such a model has provided an alternative method for last mile connectivity of internet or any digital services. She’s looking to scale up the impact by increasing the number of installations and providing a technology platform for community healthcare, open education resources, and supply chain.She has good experience in building people-centric technology solutions. She has worked on building computer operating system in a local language and another operating system for school education – a platform for computer-aided teaching. This school operating system is used in 150 public schools in rural India. Mallika steps into this course with a hope to learn and connect with individuals experienced in building alternative solutions for healthcare, education, and supply chain


Naomi Tacuyan Underwood 

Washington DC, United States

Naomi Tacuyan Underwood is Chief Program Officer for The Faith & Politics Institute, a nonprofit with a mission to cultivate bipartisanship and civility among political leaders. She was previously legislative staff for Rep. Madeleine Bordallo of Guam, where she handled natural resources, environment, and Asian American issues, and helped to pass a bipartisan bill to strengthen enforcement and regulation on illegal fishing. Naomi has extensive campaign organizing experience, from her time at the Democratic National Committee as AAPI Outreach Director, as well as her time as Deputy Director for APIAVote, a national civic engagement organization, where she oversaw nonpartisan training and capacity building for the 2008 presidential elections. For the last decade, she has worked with numerous advocacy and membership organizations to further their legislative and community mobilization goals. Naomi received her MPP from UCLA, and her undergraduate degree in journalism from NYU.


Nayana Chowdhury

Ghaziabad, India

Nayana is a passionate development sector worker with close to 2 decades of experience. She has launched several new ideas in her formal capacity as well as a volunteer in development sector organisation. Nayana started her career by working with a grassroots organisation that supported activists working for rights of Dalits and Tribes in India. She spent months in remote rural locations and learnt how resilient can human spirit be and how much one can achieve with a small push of support in time. She has worked pan-India in Tata Trusts as a Senior Program Officer, Governance and Human Rights and currently works with IKEA Foundation and focuses on 5 countries in Asia and Africa. Nayana firmly believes small money can go a long way in creating sustainable development, when used strategically. Strong supporter of human rights, she believes people should be placed at the center of each development program and engaged in planning, implementing, and monitoring. She can be trusted to be the one looking for “human” when someone presents a story of development.


Nirmalya Mukherjee

West Bengal, India

Nirmalya has been serving as the Director of Manbhum Ananda Ashram Nityananda Trust (MANT), an NGO of India since 2003. He is a trained and professional social worker (MSW from Vidyasagar University, West Bengal- 1997-1999) and gone through another master degree course in Public Health from Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand during 2009-2010. He has more than 16 years of experience in conceiving, designing, managing, & evaluating health & development projects at various capacities. At present, as a technical head of MANT, he is in-charge of managing the Tobacco Control Project, Health Service Delivery in under-served tribal areas, ICT Intervention for Adolescents and Community Media Initiative encompassing Community Radio, Community Video, and Mobile IVR.
He has been conducting various research initiatives for last 6 years or so. As a principal author, he published many papers in reputed international journals during the period.




Nureen Das

Boston, MA, United States

Nureen started her career in microfinance in India followed by a wide range of grassroots organizations including the Peace Corps, where as a volunteer posted in Fiji, her involvement in capacity building initiatives with local women’s groups focused on income generation was noteworthy. As a product of international education, Nureen has had the opportunity to live, work and study in India, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Fiji and the USA. Having had the opportunity to work with people from a
wide range of cultures and professional backgrounds, she is passionate about promoting cross-cultural education and professional experiences. Nureen is committed to initiatives that positively impact the
lives of people who are vulnerable and in the process of transition brought on by technological, social, economic and political change, by helping shape the functioning of civil society through the development and application best practice. She currently works on a variety of executive leadership searches exclusively within the non profit sector.


Prajakta Kuwalekar 

Mumbai, India

Prajakta has worked in Advocacy and Strategic Communication with various actors in policy making – political parties, civil society, people’s movements and government bodies. Earlier she was leading the government practice at India’s largest PR consultancy and is now applying her expertise in public affairs to the development sector. She consults with social impact organizations to articulate their outreach strategy and communicate impact meaningfully. Alongside that, she has started a venture to arrest the decline of working women population in India. She intends to create a movement and a network around the gender disparity in work places in India. Marrying her passion for issues of inclusion and proficiency in marketing communication, Women at Work Place will focus on interventions at various levels of labour force participation. It will work with stakeholders that vary from businesses, governments and individual households to help women enter, grow and lead in professional context.

Prisma Garcia 

Dallas, TX, United States

Prisma Garcia joined Social Venture Partners Dallas as Director of Capacity Building in July 2017. In this role, Prisma coordinates with SVP Dallas Lead Partners and Advisees/Investees – nonprofit organizations in the SVP Dallas Portfolio – to ensure that projects are completed successfully. Prior joining SVP’s staff, Prisma worked at The Concilio, a Dallas nonprofit, as a Program Director. She also previously worked as a Fundraising Consultant with Changing Our World, Inc. based in New York, NY. She received her Master of Science in Entrepreneurship as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Science-Business and Latino Studies from the University of Notre Dame. Prisma has completed a certificate in nonprofit management through CNM Connect and a certificate of nonprofit leadership from Southern Methodist University. Prisma is the Scholarship Coordinator for the ND Alumni Club of Dallas and serves as the Director of Student Relations for the Hispanic Alumni of ND. She loves traveling and spending time outdoors. She resides in Southeast Dallas where she was born and raised.



Rachel Milech

Rio de Jainero, Brazil

Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a Postgraduate certificate in Human Resources Management from the Catholic University, and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. She has started her career as a Clinical Psychologist dedicated to a private practice and also taking part on projects supporting low income communities. She is currently Senior Associate at Korn Ferry’s Executive Search division. Prior to that she was dedicated to consulting projects providing Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Talent Management services for national and multinational companies in Brazil and some Latin American countries. She has also held Human Resources leadership positions in the Financial, Telecommunications and Technology markets. She is fluent in Portuguese and English and conversational in Spanish.




Renata Kowalczyk

Wilmington, DE, United States

Renata’s commitment to creating connections between people, businesses, organizations and
governmental entities stems from growing up under the communism, in Poland, and seeing how the connection and cooperation were essential in sustaining thriving outcomes. Renata is an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase, responsible for Risk Governance & Controls. From Thriving Communities Initiative to local lending circles to executing regulatory requirements in banking, Renata’s focus on collaboration is unwavering. In 2013, she ran for an elected office in Whatcom County, WA, and lost in a very tight election. Currently, Renata lives with her partner, Jim, in Wilmington, DE. She serves on the Board of Directors of Delaware Shakespeare and is the vice-chair of the Ward 8 Democratic Committee in Wilmington. She holds BBA degree in Economics from Baruch College-CUNY and MBA from Columbia University. In gratitude to public education, which allowed her to create a successful life as an immigrant in the USA, Renata is in the process of establishing en endowed scholarship at Baruch College, focused on community service.


Renata Couto

South Africa

Born in Brazil in small countryside town, grew up in a beach city in the northeast side of the country. After finishing her graduation in Tourism in the Catholic University in Brazil went to live in Madrid Spain for almost three years. There she completed a master’s degree in Cultural Management and right after that moved back to Brazil. Worked for a few years with tourism strategic development for small towns in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Changed career a bit and worked in HR for a multinational where after four years of work she received a proposal to relocate to South Africa to work on the Social Responsibility portfolio. For the past two years she is been working and running several projects on social and environmental impact for the company in South Africa and neighboring countries. Among her many passions are to travel, reading and meet new people.



Sandra Velasco 

Mexico City, Mexico

30 year old wanderer, passionate about books, music, travel, social change and entrepreneurship. Was born in Mexico, and has lived in France, China, Chile and Argentina. Chosen in 2012 by the Start Up Chile program, the Chilean government’s flagship program for entrepreneurship. In 2014 started as a side
project an NGO that was later chosen as one of the 8 most important female-led social projects in Chile. Now is back in Mexico working as Operations Manager for Uber in Latin America.




Sandy Yeung 

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

I am a corporate lawyer and a public policy researcher and loves to volunteer and travel around the world. I would love to be a venture philanthropist.






Shannon O’Neill

NJ, United States

Shannon joined UNIFORM, a fashion social enterprise focused on ethical manufacturing in Africa, shortly after their Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and went on to become the Head of Production. Through this role she was responsible for the manufacturing and delivery of all of UNIFORM’s products, while building partnerships with factories dedicated to worker empowerment in low-resource communities. Before this position, Shannon worked for Rice University on a global health project in Malawi to introduce a neonatal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device to government hospitals across the country. Shannon attended Boston University where she studied biomedical engineering.



Sonal Singh 

New Delhi, India

Sonal is a thought leader and business professional with over 20 years of experience in managing organizations and communicating business trends. She has been the CEO of Maitri since 2007 and grew the NGO from its inception to now, where Maitri has impacted the lives of more than 100,000 people through its programmes. She is an excellent communicator who motivates volunteers, community leaders, politicians and donors to achieve humanitarian goals and create impact in communities. Sonal is passionate about inspiring all to make a positive impact on the world through personal example and empathetic mentoring. She has a Masters degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Bachelors degree in Finance from University of Utah


Sotirios Gountas 

Jersey City, NJ, United States

Sotirios Gountas has over 15 years’ experience in community development, humanitarian relief, and disaster recovery programs and has served communities in Haiti, Sudan and South Sudan, and Afghanistan. Mr. Gountas currently works as a disaster recovery consultant with Hagerty Consulting. Also, he is an advisory board member at St. Ann, The Personal School in East Harlem, New York City, a pro bono consultant with Net Impact’s Service Corps, and a Community Volunteer Liason with the American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey. Mr. Gountas has a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Villanova University. He lives in Jersey City, NJ.




Sylvia Tang 

San Francisco, CA, United States

Sylvia seeks to make the business case for social and environmental sustainability. Using both analytical and strategic approaches, she seeks to transform sustainable companies into more efficient and knowledgeable businesses. Originally from a business and management consulting background, she followed her passion and made the switch into sustainable food. A couple years at grass-fed beef company Pasture One, as well as working with natural food industry groups, showed her the acute need for an analytical and business mindset in the passion-driven, but resource-scarce sustainable food industry. She currently works at Alter Eco, an organic and fair-trade chocolate company driven by a mission of sustainability and investment in its community of farmers. She hopes to stand at the intersection of today’s business, social, and environmental issues, firmly in food.




Sweta Govani 

New York, NY, United States

Sweta Govani is an experienced digital technology professional with expertise in product development, marketing, and operations. For nearly 10 years, she has applied her expertise to help tech start-ups and social enterprises understand and serve their customers and achieve their business goals and mission. Sweta is passionate about supporting social entrepreneurs who are working hard to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. She is currently leading marketing and product for the Global Innovation Exchange, a tech platform on a mission to help these social entrepreneurs with innovations in developing countries, fundraise more easily and quickly.



 Tamika Cummings 

Bowie, MD, United States

Tamika Cummings is an Attorney with the global law firm of DLA Piper LLP. She has dedicated her legal career to helping her clients advance innovative technological solutions to pressing social issues. Tamika has worked for a diverse client base, representing start-up and emerging growth companies, nonprofit organizations, and public international corporations. Tamika is in the process of establishing a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower the next generation of world changers by creating an inclusive social innovation pipeline. She received a B.A. in English from Spelman College in 2000 and a J.D. from The University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2003


Tanay Lynn Harris 

Lancaster, PA, United States

Tanay Lynn Harris is a social entrepreneur, consultant and strategist who has advised non-profits, political campaigns, faith-based, and grassroots organizations in expanding their work to create greater impact in communities. She is committed to social justice and human rights issues, both nationally and
internationally. Tanay has worked on some of the nation’s leading high-profiled legal cases and pressing issues of our time. As a community organizer she leveraged support to local leaders in both Ferguson and Baltimore during unrest to ensure people’s voices were uplifted and amplified and their rights were protected. But, it is through motherhood she has understood the bigger implications of what it means to be present and to work diligently to create a more moral world for today and future generations. In 2016, Tanay founded Mommy Up, an online and local meet-up space that seeks to empower mothers through advocacy and entrepreneurship. She believes that strengthening mothers creates sustainable




Teresa Erold 

Atlanta, GA, United States

Teresa Erold is Director of Economic Development & Operations at Purpose Built Schools Atlanta. In her current role, she oversees the operations of 3 schools and manages non-instructional staff members. In addition, she is responsible for economic development programs that create job and training
opportunities for adults, including many parents of children attending schools. She joined Purpose Built Schools Atlanta in 2015 as Director of Strategic Partnerships. In that role, she built relationships with key community stakeholders, including local corporations and neighborhood associations. Prior to joining Purpose Built, Teresa was Director of Admissions & Community Outreach at Drew Charter School in Atlanta for 11 years. Teresa has always had a passion for education and working to improve schools and communities. She volunteers her time in the communities surrounding the Purpose Built Schools through programs that provide support and counseling, especially for single mothers. Teresa holds a degree in business administration from Georgia State University. She was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.



 Terri Broussard Williams 

Austin, TX, United States

Terri Broussard Williams is the Vice President of Government Relations for the American Heart Association. She oversees staff and contract government relations professionals, in a six state region that includes Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming. Terri is an active member of several boards including the Austin Area Urban League, Louisiana State University National Diversity Advisory Board and the Association of Junior Leagues International. She also serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement for 20/20 Leaders of America which focuses on Criminal Justice Reform. Terri was a 2012 Austin Area Research Organization McBee Fellow, 2013 American Express- Independent Sector Fellow and was named one of Austin’s Most Influential Women by the Austin Business Journal in 2012. She was named Austin Under 40 Winner in the Government & Public Affairs category in 2014. She is a recent graduate of the American Express-Aspen Institute Leadership 2.0: Seminar on Philanthropy and Social Impact. Terri was named the 2017 Activist of the Year by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


Tresa Thomas Massiongale 

Snoqualmie, WA, United States

Tresa Thomas Massiongale has worked in and studied the social good/nonprofit sector for many years with special care in philanthropy and community development. Trained as a medical anthropologist at San Francisco State University, Columbia University and the University of New Mexico, she managed participatory research projects for Yale University, the New York Academy of Medicine and the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter. Ms. Thomas Massiongale has been acknowledged for collaborative leadership, especially during twenty years supporting international community development efforts in the US-Mexico Borderlands where she partnered with many community coalitions across four US states, six Mexican states and three tribal nations. Tresa currently serves as the Chief Information and Partnership Officer with Bloodworks NW, is a co-founder and Chair of the Board of Directors with and is a member of the Board of Directors with the Freedom Project Seattle. Tresa lives in Snoqualmie, Washington with her husband Marques and two robust Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


Travis Fox 

Oakland, CA, United States

Travis began his career in politics, working on political campaigns in California and Virginia during his time at the University of Southern California. He then followed his interest in education policy to D.C., where he worked with the Department of Education and the Obama administration to launch the Future Ready Schools Initiative, and with Democracy Builders to launch Washington Leadership Academy. He currently lives in Oakland, CA and has worked on business development and strategy with startups in the Bay Area, including RaiseMe, Sidewire, and HoneyBook.


Uwe Calloway

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Uwe Calloway is the Director of Workforce Development for YouthPlaces and is charged with building and strengthening Allegheny County young adult workforce. His passion for economic equity and development has grown what would have been a program for a non-profit into a department. HIs background and life experiences has driven his dedication to create systems, opportunities, and businesses for people with barriers to shrink the educational and economic gap that exists in today’s society.



Venkata Krishna Deep Rayaprolu

Hyderabad, India

Raya is a certified permaculture practitioner and believes that farmers lives matter. He is interested in mitigating farmer suicides across India, while helping the families already impacted by suicides. He is partnering with his state government to develop economic models that would bring self-sufficiency and dignity to the farmers in India, where farming is still widely considered a tradition and not profession. He believes the key to world peace lies in the three big Cs – Community, Consciousness and Coffee. Raya’s organisation can be visited on the web at


Wendy Cross

San Francisco, CA, United States

Wendy began her international work while living in rural South Africa, where she developed and managed sustainable development projects with grassroots organizations. Her career in international development and non-profit management includes over a decade of experience in grant-writing for The Global Fund for Children and serving as Director of Programs and Operations for Teach With Africa. She holds a Master of Art in Sustainable Development from SIT Graduate Institute. Wendy’s current role as the We Share Solar Program Director at We Care Solar sits at the intersection of her passion and her expertise.


Yen Hoang 


Yen is a Community Manager to support users at an IT company. Currently volunteer @ Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped.




Ying Yu 

Philadelphia, PA, United States

I’m learning Early Childhood Education at Temple University.I’m interested in combine education with social impact to help children. Hope this program can help me understand more about social impact and social innovation!