Social Entrepreneurship Illustrated Handbook

Follow the illustrated, immersive journeys of four young social entrepreneurs from across the world as they move through the main phases of social impact work, including defining a problem, designing a solution, piloting a program, and scaling an enterprise.

Social entrepreneurs around the world are tackling some of the most complex and challenging public problems imaginable. All changemakers soon learn that their work demands a clear strategy and an ability to manage within an ever-changing environment. Social Impact is essential reading for anyone facing the daunting task of creating broad and lasting impact.

Through their five years of experience teaching social entrepreneurship together at the University of Texas at Austin, Peter Frumkin and Suzi Sosa have developed a multistage approach to developing solutions to public problems that are at once innovative, financially sustainable, and scalable. Their new illustrated book, Social Impact, demonstrates how to use 20 different strategy frameworks that all changemakers must master to succeed in their social impact work. For anyone interested in making systematic social change, mastering the contents of this book will provide a powerful head.