Meet the Fellows!

Aaron Clay

Oakland, CA, USA // Sunswarm Community Solar

Aaron Clay has over 15 years representing individuals and organizations in real estate, consumer finance, and sustainable energy. He is currently CEO of Sunwwarm, a community solar marketplace platform providing access for all consumers to benefit from renewable energy projects. Aaron is also a Director at Solar-Oversight, a nonprofit corporation that provides sustainable energy solutions for nonprofit organizations. He has a BA in Political Science from Morehouse College; a JD degree from Loyola University Chicago Law School, and Graduate Certificates in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technology from Stanford University, and Advanced Energy Law and Policy from UC Berkeley, Boalt School of Law.



Alejandro Silvia Díaz

Río Piedras, Puerto Rico // Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Acción

Alejandro Silva Dí­az is Executive Director at Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Acción and Project Manager at Vitrina Solidaria. He works placing young professionals in social action causes through civic engagement initiatives, and supporting small business owners accelerate their growth. Alejandro has a Masters Degree on Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School London campus, and an Independent Major on Cognitive Media Technologies from Cornell University.





Andrés Núñez del Prado

Lima, Peru // Wanaku Travel

Entrepreneur, self-learner, and traveler. Master in Sustainable Tourism. Founder of travel startups with social impact and nature conservation. Interested in wildlife protection, empowering rural communities through ecotourism and increasing funds for nature protected areas.




Ashley Harding 

Los Angeles, CA, USA // All Students Learn

As a native of Southern California, Ashley Harding received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Southern California (USC), studying Public Policy and Development with a minor in Business Administration. In 2013, Ms. Harding earned a Masters degree in Child Development from Tufts University with a concentration in Education and Social Policy. During graduate school Ashley spent a semester in South Africa studying education reform in a post-Apartheid society. While obtaining her Masters degree, Ms. Harding and Dr. James Jennings designed and led a study focused on the educational and socio-economic disproportions of Black and Latino males in Boston public school programs. Ms. Harding is dedicated to the ideals of social justice and a desire to create a more equitable education landscape.




Elena Olascoaga

Monterrey, Mexico // Olascoaga

A passionate professional and social entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in international cooperation programs for development. Advocate for translating theory into practice and making theory accessible for non-academic audiences to start conversations and actions for social transformation. My innovation factor is always to include feminist perspective, intragender relations and gender power analysis in every project I manage or create. Since 2013 I have created an ecosystem consisting of a consultancy, an NGO and a community for co-creating opportunities among private sector, government, universities and civil society.





Jamilah Bradshaw 

Richmond, CA, USA

Jamilah is the granddaughter of Louisiana and Texas migrants who have lived in Oakland/Huichin since the 1940s. She has designed graphic art, curricula, programs, and meetings, and has taught and guided youth teams through participatory action research. She created her undergraduate interdisciplinary course of study, Black Diaspora Studies, at Mills College, where she was also named Artist of the Year for her work as Editor in Chief for The Womanist, a literary journal for women of color. She earned a graduate degree from CIIS in Psychology and Community Mental Health. At The California Endowment, she supports resident leaders most impacted by oppressive systems to lead systems change and advance self-determination. She also facilitates community-based creative problem-solving through theatre of the oppressed, exploring issues such as birth justice, marital rights, pleasure politics and principles, environmental justice, and police violence. She is a commitment to jazz/funk as an epistemology, the multiple applications of Black feminisms and queer theory, and biodiversity.




Janine Teo

 Singapore, Singapore //  Solve Education!

I currently eat, breathe, dream Solve Education!, an education technology not-for-profit with the mission of delivering quality education to everyone, focussing on the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) demographic. As CEO, I am particularly passionate about leveraging technology to solve social problems in a systematic, scalable and sustainable way.Education is the key to solve the many challenges we face in the world today, and because of this, I am an avid speaker on topics like education, edtech, gender equality and poverty alleviation. I also try to contribute wherever I can, as a board member and as a mentor.I have been privileged to be the first Asian to receive the International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award 2018 by Mensa International. I have also received recognition with Education Leader award 2017 by the World Education Congress. Prior to this, I did create some businesses and also had a crazy ride in the corporate world, You can find out more here:




Katie Alesbury

Managua, Nicaragua // Eat United – Comamos Juntos

Katie’s mission is to facilitate community action for social impact. Currently she is putting this mission into action in the tastiest way possible: through Eat United. Eat United is the first and only organisation in Nicaragua to offer a solution to food poverty and food waste in one go, by rescuing surplus food from local markets and sharing it with families living in chronic food poverty. Katie founded Eat United in 2013 and continues to co-design solutions alongside the local team. Her focus is on ensuring that Eat United’s response is sustainable, efficient and community-led. Still craving info? Check out and get in touch!



Kenneth Andejeski

Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA // YING

Kenny is a former four-year, two-sport collegiate athlete who has reapplied his energy to foster community economic development, entrepreneurial ecosystems and educational opportunity through community building in physical and digital spaces. Over his diverse professional career, he’s gained experience in Boston’s thriving educational and philanthropic ecosystem, learned how to genuinely and effectively invest in community in post-bankruptcy Detroit, engaged countless intentional communities across the US and led one large group of remote workers around the world for a year. To date, he’s visited six continents, 32 countries and 47 US states in an attempt to better understand everything the unites, divides and compels us to participate in this crazy social experiment called life.



Leah Shapiro

Chicago, IL, USA // Debate it Forward

I am a recent alum from the University of Chicago and majored in Comparative Human Development (BA ’18). I co-founded Debate it Forward my third year in college; what began as a part-time after school program quickly grew to the venture it is today: a growing nonprofit running over 20 classes each week. Besides Debate it Forward, the majority of my work and internship experience has been surrounding childhood trauma and supporting children post traumatic events. Apart from work, I’m an avid reader and dabble in painting and swimming.





Lucas De Ross Welter

NYC, New York, USA // AFS Intercultural Programs

Lucas Welter is the Chief Organization Development and Strategy Officer for AFS Intercultural Programs. His nonprofit experience spans more than 20 years and includes developing strategy and engaging volunteers and executing projects at the local, national and global level. Lucas has worked in organizational development and volunteer engagement in more than 50 countries, helping organizations tackle complex structural mechanics in search of innovation. An experienced and dynamic presenter, Lucas has significant experience in conducting creative, interactive and productive training workshops. He majored in Business Administration and Planning and holds a Master in Organizational Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Originally from Brazil, he has lived extended periods of time in the Australia, Dominican Republic, England, Puerto Rico and Italy. He is currently living in New York City.




Margarita Briceño Malaga

Lima, Peru // Ande Bar

Margarita Briceño is an industrial engineer. She is very passionate about social entrepreneurship and how we can be responsible while creating a business. She co-founded and its currently working on her second startup Ande Bar, a healthy snack company that looks to create opportunity for farmers and new healthy options to consumers.





Marinel de Jesus

Cusco, Peru // Peak Explorations, LLC

Marinel M. de Jesus, Esq. is a former prosecutor in Washington, DC who realized her passion for mountain trekking by launching the social enterprise, Peak Explorations. Peak Explorations markets treks worldwide with a mission to include women and indigenous communities in the trekking tourism industry by advocating for economic opportunities on their behalf and decolonizing the industry. Marinel is a freelance writer, public speaker and a full-time mountain nomad. She founded Brown Gal Trekker, a media site which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoor and travel industry. Her writings have been published on Huffington Post, Outside, Backpacker Magazine, Matador Network, Adventure Journal, to name a few. She currently deems the Andes mountains in Cusco, Peru her home for the moment.




Melbin Thomas Jose

Delhi, India // Loop

Melbin currently leads Business operations and strategy at Loop, a for-profit social startup that spun off from Digital Green. Prior to Loop, Melbin started the first ever soccer schools in India with Bengaluru Football Club, that enabled talented soccer players to develop into professionals irrespective of their economic background. A former soccer player himself, Melbin holds coaching licenses and also assisted in writing the grassroots soccer coaching manual for all Indian soccer coaches. Melbin is an engineer from IIT Kanpur and has been awarded the Young India Fellowship and Mother Theresa Fellowship for his contribution to the social sector.





Paola Moreno-Roman

San Francisco, CA, USA // Mini-Academy of Science & Technology

Paola Moreno-Roman was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and majored in Biology in Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. In 2013, Paola began graduate school at Stanford University in the Biology Department. Currently, she is doing her Ph.D. thesis in Lucy Oâe Brienâ’s lab, where she studies how adult stem cells become fully differentiated intestinal cells in fruit flies. Paola still remains very connected with her country Peru by being active in different education-related initiatives to empower women in STEM and future female leaders in STEM both in the U.S. and in her home country such as the Mini-Academy of Science and Technology Peru (MaCTec).



Roohi Huma

Bangalore, India // The Hello Foundation

Roohi Huma is a corporate lawyer turned social entrepreneur based out of Bangalore, India. Roohi is the founder of The Hello Foundation, a social enterprise aimed at promoting and facilitating positive social change for disadvantaged and socio-economically marginalized communities in India. The Hello Foundation currently runs programmes in Bangalore, India, partnering with affordable private schools to help empower their students through mentorship, counselling, holistic education and enabling access to government and private resources to further their education and career development. Roohi’s experience as a lawyer is in corporate transactional law with a specialization in private equity, mergers and acquisitions. Roohi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Arts from Gujarat National Law University, India.



Shikha  Mittal

New York, USA // AMP NYC

Shikha Mittal is a service designer who is passionate about people, their environments, and how both interact to build a thriving ecosystem and experience. Shikha currently leads an initiative for the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Accelerator for Media Pros NYC (AMP NYC), a tailored program co-created with entrepreneurs to help small media and entertainment businesses grow in New York City. Her work diverse work experience includes UX design and integrated marketing, and she holds her license in social work. Shikha’s bachelors degree was completed at Barnard College of Columbia University and, she completed her MSW at Washington University in St. Louis where she focused on design for social innovation and entrepreneurship.





Trisha Crookes

Durban, South Africa // I-Innovate

Trisha is an experienced social entrepreneur and design thinker with a demonstrated history of working in the international social enterprise and non-profit sectors. Skilled in human-centered design, business development, fundraising and social impact strategy, Trisha is passionate about working across public, private and social sectors to develop collaborative communities that drive meaningful social change. In January 2018, Trisha launched an innovative education company in South Africa, and works with global leaders at the forefront of educational transformation to bring 21st century learning and skills to South Africa’s schools and communities.




Ying Yuan

Beijing, China // Greenpeace East Asia

Yuan Ying, the program manager of Climate and Energy of Greenpeace East Asia, in Beijing, China. She has more decade experiences in promoting climate and energy works in international NGO and media sectors and is recognized as one of the influential and active voices in these sectors across ML China. Yuan Ying holds the undergraduate degree of Economics and graduate of British Literature. She is also the MIT Knight Fellow for 2012-2013 and doctoral candidate of international politics with Beijing University.