2016 IDEO U Impact House Fellows

University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy + IDEO U are thrilled to offer IDEO U alumni the chance to join the first ever IDEO U Impact House. The House will bring together 22 global creative leaders who are actively bringing design thinking to their organizations, industries, and communities to create real impact.


Ajay Batraajay pic

Ajay is the Director, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bennett University, India. He has over 24 years of experience in starting and scaling-up his own businesses, as well as guiding other ventures in their journey of innovation and growth. With a strong background in technology, entrepreneurship and education, Ajay brings unique business and social leadership skills to the forefront. He serves on several national committees on school education, higher education and entrepreneurship. Ajay has educational credentials from: University of Delhi, Stevens Inst of Tech, NJ and Carnegie Mellon University, PA.

Coming to us from:

Noida, India

Bennett University | www.bennettuniversity.com


Ceri GortonIMG-20160821-WA0010_UPMYed3

Dr Ceri Gorton is a UK-based consultant, coach, and @CloreLeadership fellow. Ceri empowers arts organisations, museums, universities, and creative businesses to develop collaborative ways of working, and innovative new products and programmes. Drawing on design thinking and agile processes, much of Ceri’s work explores how digital technology can benefit cultural leaders and audiences, and enhance cultural experiences and spaces. Clients include The Guardian, King’s College London, Business and Arts South Africa, and the Clore Leadership Programme. Ceri has led Arts and Culture for the city of Oxford, managed the Museum of Oxford, designed international digital programmes for the British Council, developed national strategy for Arts Council England, and negotiated cultural and educational partnerships in the US, Canada and India. Ceri holds an award-winning literature PhD and recently led an AHRC-funded research project into digital leadership at the University of Warwick. She serves on the board of two national arts organisations in the UK (@WritingWestMids and @MotionhouseDT), supports the charity @ArtsEmergency, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Coming to us from:

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

Bird & Gorton / Ceri Gorton Consulting | www.cerigorton.io


Gonzalo Perez ParedesGonzalo Impact House

Gonzalo is a founding member at La Victoria Lab, corporate innovation lab created with the help of IDEO in Lima, where he uses design thinking to create better services for the Peruvian emerging middle class and to help individuals and organizations evolve and increase their impact in the world. His work lives at the intersection of design research, organizational design and storytelling. He advises some of the most influential Peruvian corporate leaders on how to tell their stories and, as a founding member, has outlined the communication strategy of educational non-profits such as Peru Champs and EnseñaPerú (Teach For All Network). Gonzalo studied Communications in Universidad de Lima and has been part of the Impact! Design for Social Program at the School of Visual Arts. Now, he is studying to become a theatre director.

Coming to us from:

Lima, Peru

La Victoria Lab | www.lavictoria.pe



Hannah GreenfeldView More: http://cassyberry.pass.us/nike14

Hannah Greenfeld is an engineer by training, and for more than 15 years has been designing solutions to enable individuals and organizations to transform themselves. Hannah is passionate about wild ideas, challenging problems, and helping others unleash their full potential. Hannah is a Director at NIKE where she works on large complex change efforts. Prior to NIKE, Hannah was a Consultant at IBM where she worked with many diverse companies on strategic changes. Hannah earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, and a Sustainable Enterprise Certificate from Willamette University. Hannah is an outdoor enthusiast and a fiercely devoted mother.

Coming to us from:

Portland, Oregon, USA

Nike | http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/



Hao DinhHAO GE_yhdiGAv

Born in Vietnam and currently residing in the United States, Hao is an experience junkie. He has worked across the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia in the financial services sector, energy segment, extreme sports arena and entertainment industry performing various roles such as a innovation leader, financial auditor, IT manager, product development leader and his favorite job, as a professional skateboarder. Currently Hao is passionate about nurturing his creative confidence and utilizing innovation to solve complex issues. He is spearheading an initiative to transform a traditional Fortune 10 organization into an innovation powerhouse. Additionally, Hao started a non-profit called Grow by Design that is focused on helping K-12 students nurture their creative skills and spark their innovative fire!

Coming to us from:

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

General Electric / Grow by Design | https://nuclear.gepower.com/company-info/our-experts/hao-dinh.html / www.growbydesign.info



Jes Simson3898bbb

Jes is a product manager at Simson Cards, an Australian greeting card company, where she’s lucky enough to spend her days making things, diving deep into data, and writing the occasional pithy one-liner.  She is a board member of Art Education Victoria, a not-for-profit that helps Victorian art teachers be the best that they can be, where she helps ensure that their products meet the needs of busy art teachers.  Jes holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Melbourne.  She nerds out over beautifully printed pages, business models that click and legal contracts designed for the people who actually have to read the fine print.

Coming to us from:

Melbourne, Australia

Simson Cards | http://simsoncards.com.au/



John LewisIMG_8893

John Lewis is the President and founder of Intelligent Futures – a firm that works at the intersection of urbanism, sustainability and engagement. John brings together elements of community engagement, strategic planning, effective communication and capacity-building to create meaningful conversations for communities and organizations. Projects that John has worked on have won awards from the Canadian Institute of Planners, the International Association for Public Participation, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. John is a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, was President of LEAD Canada (Leadership in Environment and Development) and is a member of LEAD International training team and has also been an instructor at the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and Simon Fraser University.

Coming to us from:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Intelligent Futures | http://intelligentfutures.ca/


Kevin DeBellKevinDeBell2x3

Kevin DeBell is the Associate Director of the Office of Strategic Environmental Management at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Throughout his career, Kevin has led significant policy projects at the agency by working with and serving as a translator for engineers, lawyers, economists, and other technical experts. His government career also includes positions in EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management and Chesapeake Bay Program Office. Kevin is also an adjunct faculty member in the University of Baltimore’s Negotiations and Conflict Management graduate program, which has been instrumental in his appreciation of diverse learning styles. Kevin holds a Master’s degree in political science and a Ph.D. in conflict analysis and resolution. The most important aspect of his professional success has been a commitment to lifelong learning and empathy for his colleagues.

Coming to us from:

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency | www.epa.gov



Lisa Brownlisaheadshot5x7

Lisa Brown leads Northwest Colorado Health from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She grew up and still lives on her family’s hay farm in this rural area. Her unique childhood and education in  public schools up through a BA in American Studies from the University of Colorado developed her belief that everyone deserves the chance to live their best life. Her work focuses on leveraging the power of arts, education and health into positive life experiences. Besides raising Gen Z teens, she is proud to have been elected to a Board of Education and received a Livingston Fellowship for Nonprofit Leadership. What she is most excited about now is joining the IDEO U Impact House.

Coming to us from:

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA

Northwest Colorado Health | www.northwestcoloradohealth.org



Matt Kendallar8GcAnZ

Matt is a Creative Director driven by challenge. After starting his professional career in London’s creative scene at the tail end of the dot com boom, Matt co-founded a design studio because he enjoyed working and creating alongside like minded individuals. Now 10 years later the studio has a 13 strong team working with global music and fashion brands.Being part of two of the most exciting and digitally disrupted industries in the world has taught Matt to continuously evolve and explore with his team, using new platforms to deliver new experiences that connect culture with commerce. In such a messy creative world, Matt’s mission is to help his amazing team to find logical connections and ways forward, turning their ideas into action that deliver growth to its clients and delight to its customers. As a passionate and proud resident of Manchester Matt is inspired by the rich heritage of his city, yet finds the prospect of contributing to its new creative future infinitely more motivating.

Coming to us from:

Manchester, UK

RetroFuzz | www.retrofuzz.com


Mikkel LundingMikkelLunding

Mikkel Lunding recently joined Scotiabank’s Digital Factory in Toronto. For the past 5 years Mikkel has worked in the tech industry with various roles centred around user experience. The common themes between all of Mikkel’s work experience is his passion for engaging with users and ensuring that every project is backed by relevant user research.For the last 3 years, Mikkel worked for Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. At Google, Mikkel spent most of his time working on creative problem solving and human-centred design. Through his work, Mikkel has gained experience in user research, ideation as well as learned various prototyping tools & methods. Mikkel’s work with human-centred design lead him to visit several destinations around the world to coach, teach and consult various companies such as P&G; and UNICEF. He helped solve various challenges ranging from engineering and tech to team culture and social engagement. Take a look at some of his work at www.mikkellunding.com.

Coming to us from:

Toronto, Canada

The Digital Factory | http://www.scotiabank.com/digitalfactory/http://www.scotiabank.com/digitalfactory/


Mira Gupta
IDEO Impact House photo

Mira Gupta is a Senior Consultant at PwC where she focuses on program design, strategy and evaluation. She has developed successful foreign aid projects in 18 countries, including 13 in Africa, on topics including Democratic Governance, Conflict Management, and Global Health. Mira uses principles of design thinking to gather insights and approach challenges from new angles. She is most proud of a project she helped develop in northern Ghana that challenges long held beliefs about the determinants of maternal and infant mortality. Mira has a Master’s degree in Conflict Mitigation and Economic Development from Columbia University, and currently resides in Washington, DC.

Coming to us from:

Washington D.C., USA

PwC | www.pwc.com



Nathalie Van Rysselimage

Nathalie has over 20 years experience in the FMCG sector and pharmaceutical industry across a variety of functions incl. PR and communications, marketing, business excellence and innovation. She is currently working for an biopharma company as Transformation Manager and also started in 2016 her own consultancy business. Her mission is to help professionals better communicate, innovate and navigate the constantly changing corporate reality with one objective: thriving in the workplace. Nathalie offers a brilliant track record of building innovation capability and transforming corporate culture. She is curious, dynamic, passionate and always looking for learning opportunities. Great source of energy for others, she manages her own practicing yoga, running in the woods and spending time with her two kids.

Coming to us from:

Limal, Belgium

Abbvie and Freelance Consultancy Business | www.abbvie.com


Nikolaj Bebe

Nikolaj Bebe is Senior Advisor and Head of Insights and Design at The Innovation House, City of Copenhagen. With a background in both psychology and design, and almost a decade of experience in the field of innovation, Nikolaj is now part of a small but powerful team strategically situated close to the politicians and directors in the City of Copenhagen. The mission is to make the city more innovative in all aspects. The keywords are: Smarter, Better, Faster, Cheaper, Human-centered. The tool (or at least the major): Design Thinking.Nikolaj is an alumni of all four of the IDEO U courses and has also acted as an IDEO U mentor.

Coming to us from:

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Innovation House, City of Copenhagen | www.innovationshuset.kk.dk



Pablo Esteves
pablo IDEO

Pablo Esteves has been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors for over twelve years. Upon completion of his MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, he joined Emzingo, later becoming a managing partner. Currently, Pablo is responsible for Emzingo’s Corporate Services, supervising the development of social innovation and leadership development programs. Over the past five years, he has helped Emzingo manage social projects, supporting NGOs, social enterprises, and community-based organizations in Brazil, South Africa, Peru, the U.S. and Spain. One of his current interests is the intersection of Social Entrepreneurship (as an economic driver ) and Altruistic Capital (as a business strategy.)

Coming to us from:

Madrid, Spain

Emzingo | www.emzingo.com


Sandeep DubbireddiGroup directory - b&w

Sandeep is the Chief Operating Officer for the consumer banking business of a leading international bank and is based now in Singapore. He originally joined this bank in 2005, and has since held a variety of multi-disciplinary roles in the U.S., U.K, U.A.E, and Oman. He holds an M.B.A from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management and still fondly remembers attending a class led by the father of management himself. Sandeep is an interestingness hunter. People, conversations and experiences help him understand this world. He likes to connect dots and cross pollinate ideas from multiple disciplines in order to combine and recombine the pieces to build new ideas. He is inspired by random acts of kindness, likes to plunge into things that he has not tried before (he is quick to remind that there are a few exceptions), and likes to learn from people who are passionate about anything and everything. Although he may not look it, he is a passionate foodie and enjoys playing sports. In the tussle between passion for food and enthusiasm for sports, he’d be the first to admit that the former usually wins.

Coming to us from:


HSBC | http://www.hsbc.com.sg/1/2/home


Sandra Sofia Lopez NunezFullSizeRender

Sofia grew up throughout Central America and the Caribbean and is currently living in country #7. She holds an Honors degree in Economics McGill University, but also has great passion for art and design. Currently Sofia works at Caterpillar, as Assistant Treasurer responsible for all of Latin America. She is part of her division’s Women in Leadership Council as well as co-chair of the United Way appeal campaign. Even though she holds Latin America close to her heart, as she truly feels there is opportunity to make a real impact in the Region, she loves to travel and meet people from all over the world to keep an open mind and learn new things. She also has broad experience in banking, having worked for 5 years at HSBC in diverse roles, from corporate banking to wealth management and marketing/advertising.

Coming to us from:

Miami, Florida, USA

Caterpillar | http://www.caterpillar.com/



Sarah Kimesunspecified

A Brand Strategist at CallisonRTKL, Sarah Kimes is part researcher, psychologist, planner and business executive with over 13 years of experience in branding and design. She has worked with retailers, developers and entrepreneurs all over the world to create enduring brands rooted in culture and community. As an expert in global trends and disruptive thinking, she analyzes consumer behavior and macro-economic indicators and applies this knowledge to the design of environments. Sarah’s portfolio crosses borders and cultures, and, in addition to her experience throughout the United States, she has been responsible for a wide variety of brand work around the globe – including projects in Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. Sarah also enjoys sharing her work and insights as a keynote speaker and panelist at industry conferences such as ULI, ICSC and AMA.When she isn’t traveling for work she’s most likely traveling somewhere new with her husband, training for her next marathon with friends or taking a class for fun with her sister. Last year, they learned to tap dance (badly).

Coming to us from:

Dallas, Texas, USA

CallisonRTKL Inc. | callisonrtkl.com


Shelley DannerShelley Danner - Headshot August 2016

Shelley Danner is Co-Founder/Program Director of Challenge Detroit and has a background in management consulting. In 2012 she launched a nonprofit organization focused on leadership, social impact and revitalization in Detroit as part of a two-woman founding team. Over four years, Shelley has scoped and led over 40 community impact projects using design thinking for Detroit nonprofits and developed 120 next-generation leaders in the city. In May 2016, she completed a leadership coaching graduate certificate through the Institute of Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University. Shelley is immersed in the innovation and social enterprise landscape in the city, and is passionate about design thinking, education and leadership, sustainable cities, food, the arts, and travel. She is originally from the Detroit area and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business from Miami University in Ohio.

Coming to us from:

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Challenge Detroit | www.challengedetroit.org

Valerie CuppensVal-Portrait-4

Valerie Cuppens is Executive Producer-Creative Direction at NET, Nebraska’s PBS and NPR station. She leads the content ideation and development process for the Digital and Multimedia division. In addition, Valerie produces educational media for NET’s Platte Basin Timelapse, an innovative, multimedia project that uses the power of storytelling and photography to grow understanding about water: our most precious resource. Cuppens is co-author of Learning With Nature Idea Book published by Arbor Day Foundation and presented a panel on Designing Outdoor Spaces for Children at the World Forum Foundation for Children in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2007. Valerie holds a Masters degree in Music and has been on the artist faculty of The Lawrenceville School, Westminster Choir College, Westminster Conservatory, and The New School for Music Study. As an adjunct professor, Valerie developed curriculum and taught Visual Literacy for the University of Nebraska School of Journalism.For the past 10 years, Valerie has provided design services to many non-profit and educational organizations allowing her to continue to learn and develop her interest in using design as a catalyst for change.

Coming to us from:

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Platte Basin Timelapse (net/pbs) | http://plattebasintimelapse.com/


Victor Udoewa

Victor Udoewa is the Education Lead and Deputy Director of Learn at 18F, a civic consultancy inside the government. He directs the education strategy and business line, while serving as a UX/instructional/organizational/service/program designer and strategist. As a Global Education Instructional Designer and Training Development Specialist at Google, he designed curricula on internet technologies for people in low-to-middle-income countries around the world, advising Google in energy and access work in both community and international development. He currently serves as a blended learning specialist and advises schools, districts, and ministries of education. Prior to Google he served at USAID and DHS as a science & technology policy advisor and development engineer focusing in infrastructure, post-disaster reconstruction, climate neutrality and global health. As a former secondary school teacher, he still teaches teachers as an educational specialist and adjunct professor of education focusing on science and math education through classes, workshops, and video series. He still conducts medical and engineering research and is a certified counselor focusing in HIV/AIDS, crisis pregnancy, post-abortion, and miscarriage counseling. He earned his SB in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from Harvard University and holds a doctorate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Rice University.

Coming to us from:

Washington D.C., USA

18F | https://18f.gsa.gov

Wioletta Simonet

Wioletta works as an Innovation & Design Manager at UBS AG Zurich, Switzerland. With a Master in Psychology, pedagogy and postgraduate Diploma in Personel Management and MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, she is a Pioneer and ambassador of the Design Thinking methodology and human centered approach within the Bank. She has more than 8 years of consulting and management experience across diverse multi-cultural industries. Lead global transformation projects within Alstom, Bombardier, NHS but also worked as Freelance consultant to fully empower her creativity and leadership skills. She is driven by collaboration, engagement and creativity, she loves to watch people grow and smile.

Coming to us from:

Zurich, Switzerland

UBS | www.ubs.com