Who do we know that we don't know that you think we should know? Because we know that we don't know everyone. But together, we can know who you know and therefore know everyone who we should know. Or you think we should know. You know?

It’s that time.

Now in our fourth year, we’re looking for 22 emerging social entrepreneurs to join our community (and to learn how to dare greatly, ask for help, encourage wild ideas and eat really well for 7 days).

How can you help?

Take 5 minutes to nominate any individuals who may be a good fit for Social Impact House. We deeply value any insights you might have and will automatically pass your nominations through the first round of our admissions process. We’re asking for 3 nominations.

People we are looking for:

Are launching / running a social venture
Are looking for a community and tools to advance their work
Are open and want to be part of a larger network of social entrepreneurs
Current students or alumni of the University of Pennsylvania or Columbia University