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Global Social Impact House

GSIH brings together 25 social entrepreneurs from around the world creating positive impact. Over the course of a week, the entrepreneurs live, work, learn, and share together to build connections and catalyze their organizations. Fellows are selected based on the disproportionate impact their early-stage ventures can have in their communities, as well as their personal commitment to creating a better world for everyone.

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Penn – Columbia Social Impact House

PCSIH brings together 25 alumni from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. Over the course of a week, the fellows make new connections and strengthen the blueprints of their ventures. Fellows are selected from all departments and schools to create an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and impact.

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Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy

The Executive Program has brought together over 250 purpose-driven leaders committed to making a greater impact in their work. Over the course of 8 months, students take online classes and attend in-person convenings at the University of Pennsylvania to gain the tools, knowledge, and network to turn their ideas into action. Students have been admitted from over 35 countries across business, nonprofit, and social enterprise sectors.

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Our Center’s Values Video

We exist to provide accessible, quality education to anyone who wants to make a disproportionate impact in their communities. We believe that anyone, anywhere can make a difference. Community drives everything we do. Watch this video to learn about what drives us and our students.